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85 Creative & Fun DIY Adult Art Projects & Craft Ideas For Adults

85 Creative & Fun DIY Adult Art Projects & Craft Ideas For Adults

Adult Art Projects

If you’ve been looking for creative and fun DIY art projects and craft ideas for adults, you’re in the right place! As an art teacher and mom of two, I find myself planning crafts and adult art projects for kids all the time. But crafting isn’t just for kids! Crafting is fun for all ages, and it’s also known to be therapeutic for adults. Plus, it allows you to learn new skills. Sitting down and completing my favorite DIY craft brings me so much joy, and I hope it does for you too! 

In this blog post, we’re sharing 85 adult art project ideas for crafters of all skill levels. These easy DIY ideas are so much fun to do by yourself or with family and friends! Whether you love paper crafts, rhinestone art, painting, making DIY decor, or handmade gifts, there’s no shortage of creative ideas on this list. Click each fun project to see the full instructions and craft tutorials!

Paper Adult Art Projects

Have fun with these easy crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to explore new skills, paper art offers a fun way to express your creative side. From paper flowers to scrapbook paper collages, these projects are the perfect way to add a unique look to your home decor or create handmade gifts for friends and family.


[1] paper adult art project ideas


  1. Paper Lanterns from Craftsy Hacks

Make DIY backyard decor for the summer with these adorable paper lanterns!

  1. Quilled Flowers from Reuse Regrow Enjoy

Create beautiful floral arrangements with these delicate quilled flowers, adding a touch of elegance to your decor.

  1. Scalloped Paper Wreath from Burlap and Blue 

Deck your door with this adorable scalloped paper wreath, a simple yet stylish way to welcome guests into your home.

  1. Recycled Magazine Page Dish from Saved by Love Creations

 Turn old magazines into functional art with this recycled magazine page dish, a creative way to add color and personality to your tabletop.

5.Pendant Light with Origami Lampshade from A Piece of Rainbow

Brighten up your space with this cool pendant light featuring an origami lamp shade, adding a touch of class to any room.


[2] paper adult art project ideas


  1. Coffee Filter Peonies from The Crafted Sparrow

Get crafty with some coffee filters and make these awesome peonies, a fun way to bring a bit of floral flair to your decor without the fuss.

  1. Paper Wreath from We Are Scout

Spruce up your door or wall with a cute paper wreath, perfect for giving your home a cozy, welcoming vibe.

  1. Origami Folded Pen Holder from Robeen Shop

Keep your desk tidy and trendy with this neat origami pen holder, a super cool addition to any workspace.

  1. Origami Planter Covers from Martha Stewart

Give your plants a makeover with these origami planter covers, a fun and funky way to jazz up your indoor garden.

  1. Paper Birdhouses from Heart Filled Spaces

Tweet tweet! Whip up some paper birdhouses and invite some feathery friends into your yard, because who said crafting can’t be for the birds?

Rhinestone Adult Art Projects

Add a touch of glamor to anything with rhinestones! These adult craft projects offer a fun way to unleash your creativity and create great gifts for friends and family. From bedazzled accessories to sparkling home decor, rhinestone art projects are the perfect crafts to add some bling to your life.



  1. Rhinestone Candy Box from Art Beat Box

Add some sparkle to your sweets with this dazzling rhinestone candy box, the perfect treat for any special occasion.

  1. Rhinestone Conversation Heart Tumbler from Art Beat Box

Sip in style with this eye-catching rhinestone conversation heart tumbler, a fun way to show off your personality.

  1. Rhinestone Christmas Stocking from Art Beat Box

Make your holiday decor shine with this festive rhinestone Christmas stocking, guaranteed to add a touch of glamor to your mantle.

  1. Rhinestone Crystal Menorah from Art Beat Box

Illuminate your Hanukkah celebrations with this stunning rhinestone crystal menorah, a beautiful blend of tradition and sparkle.



  1. Rhinestone Heart Earrings from Art Beat Box

Accessorize with flair using these chic rhinestone heart earrings, the perfect way to add a little sparkle to any outfit.

  1. Rhinestone Inkjoy Pen from Art Beat Box

Make your mark in style with this bedazzled rhinestone Inkjoy pen, perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your writing.

  1. Rhinestone Luggage Tag from Art Beat Box

Travel in style with this dazzling rhinestone luggage tag, ensuring your bags stand out in a crowd.

  1. Custom Bedazzled Champagne Bottles from Art Beat Box

Pop the bubbly in style with these custom bedazzled champagne bottles, the ultimate way to celebrate in sparkling fashion.



  1. Rhinestone Monogram Sticker from Art Beat Box

Personalize your belongings with this rhinestone monogram sticker, a chic and sparkling way to make your mark.

  1. Rhinestone Sneakers from Art Beat Box

Step out in sparkling style with these rhinestone sneakers, sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  1. DIY Rhinestone Heart Tumbler from Art Beat Box

Craft your own customized drinkware with this DIY rhinestone heart tumbler, a fun and creative project for personalized hydration.

  1. Iron On Smiley Face Rhinestone Applique from Art Beat Box

Add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe with this iron-on smiley face rhinestone applique, guaranteed to brighten up any garment.

  1. Rhinestone Gloves from Art Beat Box

Stay warm and stylish with these rhinestone gloves, a glamorous addition to your winter wardrobe.

Adult Paint Projects

Whether you’re an experienced painter or picking up a brush for the first time, painting is an adult art project that offers a great way to relax and unwind while creating something beautiful. 



  1. Lavender Flowers Painting from Feeling Nifty

This lavender flower painting is a perfect project for the summer months using acrylic paint and different colors. 

  1. Disco Ball Painting from Art Beat Box

This fun project is a great way to unleash your creativity with acrylic paints and different designs. 

  1. Rubber Cement Watercolor Resist Art from Persia Lou

Watercolor paint and rubber cement don’t mix, which makes some really cool resist art!

  1. Spring Watercolor Trees from A Piece of Rainbow

Have you ever painted with paper? Try out this cool technique using tissue paper and watercolor paints.

DIY Home Decor Projects

Transform your living space with these easy DIY craft ideas that reflect your style and creativity. Skip the thrift store and make your own home decor! DIY home decor is the perfect way to make your space feel uniquely yours.



  1. Disco Ball Cactus Jewelry Hanger from Art Beat Box

Spruce up your space with the Disco Ball Cactus Jewelry Hanger, a fun and easy DIY home decor project using different designs and cute way to organize your jewelry. 

  1. Polymer Clay Trinket Bowls from Art Beat Box

These polymer clay trinket bowls are a great project for those new to clay crafts and make a perfect place to store small items! 

  1. Fruit Loops Candle from Art Beat Box

Brighten your home with the fruity scent of the Fruit Loops Candle, a simple yet cute way to add a pop of color to your dinner table

  1. Lazy Susan from Art Beat Box

Add convenience to your dining experience with the Lazy Susan, a great project to make using simple supplies and perfect for family gatherings and dinner parties. 



  1. Alcohol Ink Votives from Bitz n Giggles

Set the mood with the Alcohol Ink Votives, a fun and creative way to create unique designs on glass votive holders for your holiday season decor. 

  1. DIY Soy Candles from DIY Danielle

Ever wondered how to make your own soy candles? Follow the full tutorial and you’ll find its super easy!

  1. DIY Wire Sculpture from Craft Your Happy Place

This DIY wires sculpture is a fun and easy way to use natural materials and create unique designs for decorative pieces in your home. 

  1. Wine Cork Board from Girl Just DIY

Display your memories with the Wine Cork Board, a cute way to share your favorite moments!



  1. Tassel Wood Bead Garland from Hoot Shack

Add a boho touch to your space with the Tassel Wood Bead Garland, a great project idea for using fabric scraps.

  1. DIY Clay Knot from Making Manzanita

You’d never guess this modern clay knot is handmade. Just one of the many cool ways you can use polymer clay!

  1. Pom Pom Wreath from Girl Just DIY 

Welcome guests with a wreath made of colorful pom poms, a fun and festive way to use different colors and decorate your door with for the holiday season.

  1. Fabric Flowers from Pillar Box Blue

If you enjoy fabric crafts, spruce up your space with these adorable fabric flowers—a fun and easy craft idea to brighten any room!

  1. DIY Coffee Table Tray from Making Manzanita

Get creative with your coffee table decor by making this stylish DIY coffee table tray—a perfect combination of functionality and flair!



  1. Stenciled Doormat from Kara Creates

Welcome guests with a personalized touch by creating your own stenciled doormat—a simple and charming way to greet visitors.

  1. Pom Pom Garland from She Saved

Add a pop of color and whimsy to any space with some pom poms—perfect for decorating parties, bedrooms, or any festive occasion.

  1. DIY Travel Map from Happiness is Homemade

This DIY travel pin map makes the perfect gift for any travel lover!

  1. DIY Hanging Shelf from Alice and Lois

Elevate your decor with a DIY hanging shelf—a simple and stylish way to display your favorite trinkets and add a touch of personality to any room!

  1. Starburst Wreath from Design Improvised

Make a statement with a starburst wreath—a stunning and festive addition to your door or wall that’s sure to brighten up any space!



  1. DIY Loop Texture Pillow from It’s Always Autumn

Add some texture to your sofa or bed with a DIY loop texture pillow. The best part is that its cute and comfy!

  1. Fall Napkin Luminaries from Crafts by Amanda

Create a cozy ambiance with fall napkin luminaries. All you need are some festive napkins, glass containers like mason jars, and  some mod podge!

  1. No Sew Rope Baskets from Happiness is Homemade

Get organized in style with no-sew rope baskets—a quick and easy DIY project that’s perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home!

  1. DIY Fringe Chandelier from Studio DIY

This has to be one of my favorite crafts for home decor. How fun is this DIY fringe chandelier?!

  1. T-Shirt Rag Rug from A Piece of Rainbow

Put old t-shirts or fabric scraps to good use by making a cozy rag rug—a sustainable and budget-friendly DIY project that’s perfect for adding warmth and texture to your floors!

DIY Wall Art

These creative projects are a great way to personalize your home decor. There’s something for every taste and skill level in the world of DIY wall art.



  1. DIY Moon Wall Hanging from Art Beat Box

This moon wall hanging is perfect for adding a touch of boho to your wall decor.

  1. DIY Infinity Mirror from Art Beat Box

Create a mesmerizing focal point with this DIY infinity mirror. It looks complicated but its actually fit for any level of skill!

  1. Statement Mirror from Art Beat Box

Make a bold statement in any room with this DIY sunburst mirror made from recycled magazine pages. 



  1. Thumbtack Art from Art Beat Box

If you have some free time, get creative with thumbtack art—a simple yet stylish way to add texture and visual interest to your walls using everyday materials!

  1. String Heart Art from Art Beat Box

This adorable string heart art makes great DIY Valentine’s Day decor. Just change the shape to a tree or star to turn these into Christmas crafts!

  1. Melted Crayon State Silhouette from Family Focus Blog

Get creative with melted crayon state silhouettes—a colorful and unique way to showcase your state pride

  1. Sun Prints from Postcards from the Ridge

Capture the beauty of nature with sun prints—a simple and fun craft that uses sunlight to create stunning, one-of-a-kind artwork!



  1. Mixed Media Wall Art (Embroidery on Canvas) from Pillar Box Blue

Combine embroidery floss with a canvas painting or canvas print to create unique mixed media wall art.

  1. Acrylic Fluid Art from Persia Lou

Acrylic fluid art is a mesmerizing and unpredictable technique that produces vibrant and dynamic abstract paintings!

  1. Comic Wall Art from Modge Podge Rocks
    A fun and quirky way to showcase your love for comics and inject some humor into your decor! Don’t like comics? Use different media like book or magazine pages for different styles.
  2. Photo Transfer Art from Persia Lou

This photo transfer art looks professional, but is actually an easy DIY craft project that makes a great addition to your home decor!

Kitchen Crafts

Get creative in the heart of your home with fun craft ideas that add a touch of personality to your cooking and dining spaces. 



  1. Sublimation Tumbler from The Crafty Blog Stalker

A sublimation tumbler is a fun and easy project for adding custom designs to your favorite cup. Click here for free sublimation Tumbler designs!

  1. Etched Glass Drinkware from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Elevate your glassware collection with etched glass drinkware, a simple yet stylish way to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

  1. Glitter Dipped Wine Glasses from Kara Creates

Glitter dipped wine glasses are such an easy arts and crafts project, perfect for adding a touch of glam to your next dinner party.

  1. DIY Pom Pom Trivets from Craftaholics Anonymous

Protect your tabletops in style with DIY pom pom trivets, a colorful and functional addition to any kitchen.



  1. 3D Graphic Clay Cups from Studio DIY

Get creative with 3D graphic clay cups, a unique way to showcase your favorite designs on a mug!

  1. Alcohol Ink Coasters from Persia Lou

Alcohol ink coasters are a fun and vibrant craft idea for artists of all skill levels.

  1. Coastal Wood Slice Coasters from Crafts by Amanda

Bring a touch of the coast into your home with coastal wood slice coasters, a rustic and charming addition to any coffee table.

  1. Marbled Clay Coasters from Art Beat Box

Create your marbled clay coasters for a trendy and modern twist on a classic crafting project.

Plant & Pot Crafts

Bring a touch of greenery into your home with these easy craft ideas that add charm and personality to any space. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice plant parent, these projects offer a fun way to get creative with your indoor garden. 



  1. Clay Petal Planter Pot from A Beautiful Mess

Create a fun and colorful clay petal planter pot for your favorite succulents or herbs, perfect for adding a touch of green to your space.

  1. DIY Boho Vases from Design Improvised

Bring bohemian vibes into your home with DIY boho vases, a simple craft project using recycled bottles and some colorful yarn or twine from your stash.

  1. Painted Wine Bottle Vases from Crafts by Amanda

Turn old wine bottles into chic painted wine bottle vases, a budget-friendly craft idea that adds a pop of color to any room.

  1. Decoupage Flower Pots from Janet’s Craft Corner

Transform plain flower pots into works of art with decoupage flower pots, using scraps of decorative paper and a coat of mod podge for a personalized touch.



  1. Spray Paint Marbled Pots from The DIY Nuts

Create eye-catching spray paint marbled pots using a mix of colors and textures, a quick and easy way to update your planters for the new season.

  1. DIY Ring Planter from Delineate Your Dwelling

Elevate your plant game with a DIY ring planter, a stylish and modern addition to your indoor garden made from simple materials like baking soda and spackle.

  1. Lips Planter Pot from Art Beat Box

This lips planter pot is a playful DIY project that’s sure to make a statement in any room.

  1. Chunky Knit Planter from Lily Ardor

Cozy up your plant collection with a chunky knit planter, a soft and stylish way to display your favorite greenery during the winter months.

DIY Fashion Crafts

Make a statement with fun crafts that let you express your personal style and creativity. These creative projects are a fun way to update your wardrobe and accessories. 



  1. Sweater Elbow Patch from Art Beat Box

Looking to add some flair to your favorite sweater? Try out a DIY sweater elbow patch for a fun and functional update.

  1. DIY Knot Necklace from The House That Lars Built

Dip your toe into the world of jewelry making with a DY knot necklace, a stylish accessory you can create with just a few simple supplies.

  1. Epoxy Resin Jewelry from A Beautiful Mess

Epoxy resin jewelry is a versatile crafting medium that allows you to design custom pieces in a variety of shapes and colors.

  1. DIY Macrame Earrings from Marching North 

Embrace the boho trend with DIY macrame earrings, perfect for adding a touch of handmade charm to your summer wardrobe.

Other Adult Art Projects

These creative projects don’t belong to any of the categories above, but they’re too fun not to share!



  1. Needle Felting from Art Beat Box

Learn how to needle felt and create adorable wool sculptures and accessories with just a few simple tools and some creativity.

  1. Mandala Dot Painting from Rock Painting Guide

Mandala dot painting is a good project to clear your mind and relax while you paint a masterpiece!

  1. DIY Macrame Keychain from Pretty Life Girls

Get crafty with a DIY macrame keychain project, perfect for adding a boho touch to your keys or bag.

  1. Pressed Flower Bookmarks from Lil Tigers

Preserve the beauty of nature with pressed flower bookmarks, a simple yet elegant way to enjoy the blooms of the season year-round.

There’s nothing I love more than sharing the joy of art and crafting with others. I hope you found a new art project to get excited about in this list of 85 adult craft ideas. These easy adult crafts are fun, functional, and even relaxing! 

So head to your favorite craft store, grab your supplies, and get crafting!