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How To Make A Rhinestone Monogram Adhesive Sticker

How To Make A Rhinestone Monogram Adhesive Sticker

If you’re looking for a handmade gift for that special occasion, look no further than a rhinestone monogram adhesive sticker! Knowing how to create these will enable you to make great wedding favors, party favors, or custom designs for an added personal touch. DIY enthusiasts love using their Cricut machines, and what better way than by creating gorgeous rhinestone-studded alphabet stickers? Rhinestone monogram letter stickers can be used on laptops, water bottles, and more. 

I made this specific rhinestone monogram for a custom journal, but this touch of elegance can be used in any way you want. Sparkling rhinestones make everything better!

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Here’s how to make stunning rhinestone-studded letters using your Cricut

First, you’ll need to design your monogram. Did you know that Cricut now has a monogram feature on its platform? This makes life much easier! Gather your craft supplies and get ready to make your new product line! Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up the Cricut design space and select “new project.”

2. Using the text feature, type in the three letters you’d like to use. Typically, with monograms, the last name goes in the middle and is slightly larger than the other two letters but you can make it whichever way you’d like

3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the left sidebar and click on the monogram. Choose the monogram you like best. Add the three letters into the square boxes.

Make your monogram in Cricut Design Space

4. Adjust the size of the monogram. I like to use the offset feature to slightly thicken the design. Select both and click combine to make them larger. For a rhinestone design, you do not want it to be too small because then you’ll need to use itty bitty rhinestones. Go big, or go home!

Make sure your design is big enough for the stone size you’re using

5. Once you are happy with your design, click “make it”

6. For materials, choose permanent adhesive vinyl.

7. Add your material to the mat and cut.

8. Carefully weed the design removing any parts you do not need.

Cut and weed your design

9. Add transfer tape to the top of the sticker. Use a brayer or a credit card to press the transfer tape down thoroughly.

Place transfer tape on top of the design to pick it up

10. Carefully remove the white sticker backing so that your design is only on the transfer tape. Place the monogram sticker on the surface where you want the monogram to go.

11. Wipe down the vinyl using rubbing alcohol to be sure that there is no grease or oil on the surface.

12. Place rhinestones into a rhinestone tray. An easy way to be sure the rhinestones are on the right side is to gently shake the tray so that the rhinestones flip. Be sure to use the rhinestones from one vendor and not mix them. There are instances where the dye lots are different, and then you’ll have rhinestones that do not look cohesive. 

13. Apply glue in small sections only. The glue dries quickly, so you do not want to do too much at one time.

Add glue in small sections. Don’t use too much!

14. Grab your wax pencil and begin applying the rhinestones to the monogram. Try to keep them in line

Add the rhinestones using a wax pencil

Rhinestone Monogram Adhesive Sticker

Choose whichever rhinestone color you’d like. If you’d prefer less sparkly, you can use a clear color for these stickers and transparent rhinestones. These make great gifts, and these jewel-like monogram initials are next-level cool and are the perfect choice for anything ranging from birthday party favors to place cards. This is an effortless way to create event decorations or an album cover for photos of your family. 

Either way, making a custom rhinestone monogram is a stunning custom accent for your special event or gift items. Once you’ve made one, you’ll be making your own collection of accessories with monograms! You can even make iron-on patches. With its diamond-like sparkle, you cannot go wrong! They’re the most thoughtful gift because they are custom, they look high quality, and they add a dazzling touch of glamour.

Once you’re done, these stunning stickers should be secure for years to come. Don’t want a monogram? Use this method to create any kind of exquisite sticker for the people in your life! If this isn’t your jam, you can always purchase self-adhesive letter packs. Those will have a long-lasting hold and will fill your desire to make rhinestone monogram letter jewel stickers. However, if craft projects and DIY projects are your thing, these rhinestone stickers are sure to impress! Best part? No messy glue!

Let your creativity shine!

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