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DIY Tutorial: Build An Infinity Illusion Mirror

DIY Tutorial: Build An Infinity Illusion Mirror

how to build an infinity illusion mirror

An infinity mirror is not just a piece of decor; it’s an optical illusion that captivates the beholder with its seemingly endless depth. This mesmerizing effect is achieved through a simple yet ingenious combination of mirrors, lights, and a reflective surface. In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of crafting an infinity illusion mirror as well as unlocking the secrets behind its enchanting allure.

Before diving into the construction process, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental principle behind an infinity mirror. At its core, an infinity mirror consists of two parallel mirrors, one partially reflecting and the other fully reflecting, with a light source sandwiched between them. The partially reflective mirror allows light to pass through, while the fully reflective mirror reflects most of the light back, creating the illusion of infinite depth. The mirror appears to go on forever, but they’re just optical illusions.

When I was a kid, my parents had an infinity mirror on their wall and I used to stare at it for hours. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the infinity effect and it was way cooler than just a standard mirror. Now that I have my own laser cutter, I am excited that making a diy infinity mirror is that much easier! While making an infinity mirror is fun, it also serves a purpose and is still a small functional mirror and a light.

The fun part of the process is deciding what you are going to do with your finished product there are a variety of options. This mirror is a crowd pleaser and sure to impress everyone plus they’ll never believe how you made it! Ok…let’s get started with your infinity mirror project!

An infinity mirror is an optical illusion

Required materials needed to create your very own infinity Illusion mirror

  1. Mirror: be sure the mirror is the same size as the shadowbox frame
  2. Clear acrylic or glass panel
  3. 2 way mirror film or a glass two way mirror panel (I used the film) 
  4. Wooden or acrylic shadowbox frame: I used an IKEA ribba frame. Be sure not to just use a regular frame because there won’t be enough space for the infinity mirror setup
  5. Dawn dish soap to make soapy water
  6. LED strip lights or any kind of light strip
  7. Scissors: you will need these if you end up needing to make the light source shorter in length
  8. Hot glue gun and glue sticks or adhesive (such as epoxy or double-sided tape)
  9. Sharp knife

Step-by-Step Construction Of Infinity Illusion Mirror:

So how do infinity illusion mirror work? By using one regular panel of one-way mirror glass and one two-sided mirror, the different types of LEDs create a visual effect by allowing the light to bounce inside the frame. The overall effect is an optical illusion and once you understand the concept and you’ve run through the building process, you will have a long list of mirror options and you’ll be creating infinity mirror illusions for years to come!

  1. Frame Preparation: Begin by constructing a frame that will hold the mirrors and create the desired shape for your infinity mirror. You can use wood or acrylic for this purpose, depending on your preference and design aesthetic. Cut the material to the desired dimensions and assemble the frame using screws or adhesive. Instead of building a frame, I opted to use an ikea shadow box frame. This worked great and was the perfect size to give the look of depth.
  2. Mirror Placement: Place the fully reflective mirror at the back of the frame, ensuring it fits snugly and securely. Then, position the partially reflective mirror in front of it, leaving a small gap between the two mirrors. This gap will accommodate the LED lights and allow for the illusion to take shape.
  3. LED Installation: Carefully attach the LED strip lights along the inner perimeter of the frame, facing towards the partially reflective mirror. Be sure to distribute the lights evenly to achieve uniform illumination. Secure the lights in place using adhesive or clips, ensuring they are firmly attached and won’t come loose.
  4. Wiring and Power: Connect the LED strip lights to a power source, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring. Depending on your setup, you may need to solder wires or use connectors to establish the electrical connection. Test the lights to ensure they are functioning properly before proceeding.
  5. Reflective Surface: Place a clear acrylic or glass panel over the frame to enclose the mirrors and LED lights. This surface will serve as the viewing window for the infinity mirror, allowing observers to marvel at the illusion within. Secure the panel in place using adhesive or mounting brackets, ensuring it is flush with the frame.
  6. Optional Enhancements: If desired, you can further customize your infinity mirror with additional features such as a dimmer switch for controlling the brightness of the LED lights. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the illusion to suit different environments and preferences.
  7. Finishing Touches: Once everything is in place, give your infinity mirror a final inspection to ensure all components are secure and functioning correctly. Clean the mirrors and reflective surface to remove any smudges or debris, ensuring optimal clarity for the illusion to shine through.

What other projects can you make with this technique?

  • A twisty infinity mirror, 
  • Add a logo or monogram
  • Use a laser cutter to create words around the sides
  • Add 3D objects to create an infinity scene
  • Coffee table tops – it will look like you can’t see the bottom of the coffee table.
  • Chess boards and game boards
  • Mirror Display in a store 
  • Dorm decor with a college logo

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked the secrets of crafting an infinity illusion mirror, transforming ordinary materials into an extraordinary optical masterpiece. Whether used as a captivating centerpiece or a mesmerizing wall display, your creation is sure to spark wonder and fascination wherever it’s showcased. So go ahead, bask in the brilliance of your ingenuity, and let the infinite illusion unfold before your eyes. This is so much better than regular wall mirror projects!