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How To Make Fun & Easy DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

How To Make Fun & Easy DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

I’m always on the lookout for fun crafts that double as great handmade gifts, and DIY marbled clay coasters are a personal favorite of mine! Making DIY polymer clay coasters is a fun and easy craft for kids, teens, and adults, but the best part is that they make great housewarming gifts. You can even gift them as a wedding gift or Mother’s Day gift! Think about it – when was the last time you bought yourself a set of coasters? In this blog post, I’m sharing exactly how to make DIY marble clay coasters in a few easy steps. So ditch those store-bought wooden coasters and get ready for this fun craft!

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

What’s the best clay to use for DIY marble clay coasters?

My absolute favorite clay to use for DIY marble coasters is Sculpey polymer clay. Sculpey clay is a breeze to work with. It’s super pliable, so you can shape it just right, and it bakes up strong, ensuring your coasters will last through countless cups of coffee. Plus, the range of colors means you can easily achieve that classy marble look.

What you’ll need to make DIY marbled coasters

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​How to make DIY coasters

1. Take 1/4 of each brick of colored clay and roll each piece of clay into the size of a gumball. Make three more gumballs of the same size using white clay.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Roll the clay into balls

If you want a black marble effect, replace the white clay with black clay.

2. Roll out each gumball to form a snake.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Roll each ball of clay into a snake shape

3. Push all six snakes together.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Push all 6 snakes together in a column

4. Begin twisting the clay into one large snake, blending the colors together.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Twist all of the snakes together, blending the colors

5. Twist some more until you are happy with how much your colors have blended.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Continue twisting until you begin to see the marbled effect

6. Spiral the clay into a snail shape, then roll into a ball.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Roll the clay into a ball

7. Using the acrylic rolling pin, roll out the clay on a flat surface until smooth and about 1/4” thick.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re working on a nice, clean surface to avoid any dirt or debris getting into your clay.

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Roll out the clay into a slab 1/4 inch thick

8. Use a cookie cutter to cut a circle for your coaster. Repeat all of the steps to make more coasters. You can use any shaped cookie cutter to make your coasters – a square or hexagon would work too!

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Cut out the shape of your coaster with the cookie cutter

Use any excess clay to make an additional coaster!

9. Place the coasters on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake at 225 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Be sure not to raise the temperature – burnt clay has an awful smell! Use an oven thermometer to be sure the temp is right.

10. Let the coasters cool and then paint over the rough edges with acrylic paint. I chose gold to use, but you can use any accent color you’d like!

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Paint the edges after cooling

You can paint the bottom of the coasters too if you only want the unique marble effect to show on the top.

11. If you want a glossy finish, you can seal your coasters with Mod Podge or another sealant. This step is optional!

DIY Marbled Clay Coasters
Beautiful DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

How easy was this fun DIY project?! Your unique coasters make a stylish addition to any coffee table. Don’t forget, they make great gifts too! The next time you find yourself needing new coasters, follow this tutorial to make your coasters instead of buying them at a store.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about DIY Marble clay coasters

Can I use air dry clay to make DIY marbled coasters?

Absolutely, you can give air dry clay a try for your marbled coaster project. It’s a fun alternative to polymer clay and doesn’t require baking. Just keep in mind that air dry clay tends to be a bit more delicate than polymer clay once it dries, so handle your coasters with care.

Can I make custom shapes with Sculpey clay for my coasters?

Yes! Sculpey clay is super versatile. Once you’ve created your marbled clay sheet, you can use cookie cutters or simply hand-cut custom shapes for your coasters. Get creative with circles, squares, hexagons, or any shape that matches your decor.

What’s the best way to seal and protect my marbled coasters?

Your coasters have a lovely glossy finish. Simply follow the instructions on your chosen sealant product for the best results.

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