How to Make a Polymer Clay Covered Pen Using Sculpey 

So you’re getting started with Polymer Clay and you aren’t quite ready to use cane slices or handmade polymer clay canes? Don’t worry, you can make decorative pens using different colors of clay on top of a hard plastic pen tube. Let me show you how! Making polymer clay pens is one of my favorite […]

Crafts To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

Like it or not, it seems inevitable that we will be having a lot of time together in the weeks and months ahead. I’m sure you’ve heard about what to stock up on and what supplies you might need so that you do not need to head out to crowded stores. Although you don’t need […]

handmade gift ideas marbled trinket dishes

Shaving Cream Marbling

No doubt, the easiest, cheapest, and best homemade marbled crafts are done with shaving cream marbling. This marbling method is one of my all-time favorite art activities. You’ll never get tired of it and you’ll keep returning to it repeatedly over the years because everyone can do it…and I mean EVERYONE! It’s one of those […]

What is the Best Polymer Clay for Beginners?

Have you tried Polymer Clay yet? It has been an all time favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Sculpey is a staple in my art room and in my classroom and there are so many reasons why! What is the best polymer clay? In short, Sculpey clay is the best clay […]

diy clay lips planter pot

Lips Planter Pots DIY Tutorial using a Silicone Mold

I’m sure you’ve seen face vases all over the internet. Lately I’ve been buying up plants every time I head to the grocery store. The problem is that I do not love the pots they come with! So…I decided to make my own. Since you know I’ve been completely obsessed with lips lately, I decided […]


The Best Paint For Plaster Art Sculpture (2023)

I am frequently asked about the best method for painting a plaster sculpture. In this post, I will share the various methods for painting uncoated plaster. We will explore the best way to paint bare plaster as well as the type of paint to use and the right sealant for a plaster sculpture. Preparing the plaster for […]

Clay flower mirror

DIY – How to make a flower mirror using air dry clay

I am sure you’ve seen those viral clay flower mirrors on tik tok. If you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat because these are…beautiful. And with a few basic supplies, you, too can have an air-dry clay round mirror to add to your home decor. Trust me…this one is beyond fun and easy! I […]

Fake donut props

Realistic Fake Donuts – DIY artificial food prop

I’m not sure why I have a fascination with fake foods but it must be because they have zero calories and they still look pretty. I’m sure you’ve seen fake cakes at a wedding and when you make them with lots of detaill, people won’t be able to tell that they’re not real. I’ve been […]