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Candle Making: How To Make A Fruit Loops Candle

Candle Making: How To Make A Fruit Loops Candle

how to make a fruit loops candle

I saw the cutest Fruit Loop candle at a local store recently and decided to try making one myself. There are a few things I knew I wanted; I wanted it to be a scented candle using essential oils and I wanted to use natural soy wax. I also wanted it to look and smell as realistic as possible. Here’s How to make a fruit Loops Candle:

First I started by making a mold of the Fruit Loops. I decided to make one mold for each fruit color to mass produce the wax Fruit Loops. I hot glued the Fruit Loops to the bottom of a plastic container. I glued whole Fruit Loops and also a few cereal pieces to make it look realistic.

Next, I mixed equal parts of a silicone rubber mold making material. 24 hours later, I removed the silicone rubber mold from the plastic container and plucked each individual Fruit Loop from the mold. I had to use scissors to trim parts of the silicone, and then I soaked the molds in soapy water for about 20 minutes. I used extra water pressure to clean the silicone mold. Once it was dry, I was ready to start making the candle wax embeds.

I wanted the candle to look like a real bowl of Fruit Loops cereal. Be sure to use either a reusable glass bowl or a ceramic bowl. With a clear bowl, you can see the Fruit Loops from the sides which is cool. I loved the idea of the spoon being suspended above the bowl, just like the real thing. For that reason, I used a real metal spoon, too! But do not use real Fruit Loops! They will not stand the test of time. So to recap: real spoon, but not real Fruit Loops! 

What you’ll need to make a Fruit Loop candle:

How to make a Fruit Loops candle

Add some color to your home with a Fruit Loops candle!

To make a Fruit Loops candle, you will need wax Fruit Loops. One way is to purchase it on Amazon or another candle supplier. Another way is to make your own using silicone rubber. Here’s how it’s done:

I used my candle maker and added wax melts in white to melt. Once melted, I added a few drops of red candle dye to the natural wax. I poured the red wax into the silicone mold and used a popsicle stick to scrape off any excess wax. The best part of the excess wax is that I can use it again for the next candle. I repeated this process for each color and let the wax harden for several hours.

You can make wax Fruit Loops using a silicone mold!

Once your wax Fruit Loops are hard, put them aside. 

1. Heat the white wax. If you plan to use a scent, add it now.

2. I added the wick to the bottom of the glass bowl. You can use a drop of melted wax to attach it. 

Use a drop of wax to add the wick to the bottom of the bowl

3. Pour enough wax into the bowl so that it covers about a quarter of the bowl. Next place some wax Fruit Loops along the inside perimeter of the bowl. Once the first layer of wax is hard, add another layer and repeat the steps above.

Add fruit loops to the perimeter so you can see them from the outside

4. Once that is hard, add a final layer and cover the top with the wax Fruit Loops. Be sure not to cover the wick.

Add Fruit Loops to the top of the candle, but don’t cover the wick

The wax dried for 24 hours, and then it was ready to use. I love the silicone molds because I can totally make other cereal bowl candles like Cheerios and apple jacks using the same mold. 

These candles not only smell great, but they are the perfect gift for any occasion. I made mine for Mother’s Day.

Finished Fruit Loops candle

As with anything flammable, keep it out of the reach of children. Use proper candle care, and do not put a wick candle near anything that can be flammable. 

Enjoy your new paraffin wax candles! They will make the whole house smell amazing! Stay tuned…I am totally going to make some more cereal candles – they’re so much more fun than traditional candles!

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