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You’re about to embark on an artistic journey. Try something new because the power of creativity is transformative. Explore, express and discover new projects through free tutorials, diy art kits and live events. I’ve spent years researching and sourcing the best materials and information so that you can craft anywhere! No experience necessary.

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Choosing the Right Canvas for your Painting

Choosing the Right Canvas for your Painting

There are so many choices in the canvas section at the art supply store and choosing the right one is the first important step to a successful art piece. Painting on poor quality canvases can be likened to building a house on mere sticks. You can construct a masterpiece on such a foundation, but it […]

What Is The Best Acrylic Paint?

What Is The Best Acrylic Paint?

Lately when I head to the art supply store, I am overwhelmed by all of the choices. There are literally thousands of different paints and they all have different descriptions. I figured if I am overwhelmed, you must be, too! So…I decided to do a deep dive and figure out all the ins and outs […]

Mother’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

This Mother’s Day shows mom how special she is by encouraging your kids to put in some extra effort and make something mom can cherish forever. While the usual gifts are always appreciated, a homemade gift goes the extra mile and will have mom beaming from ear to ear. Mom will be extra spoiled all […]

Paintbrush Care and How to Choose Paintbrushes

Paintbrush Care and How to Choose Paintbrushes

Paint and paintbrushes go together like peanut butter and jelly. While brushes are not necessarily a prerequisite when it comes to painting, they are an ever-present tool in every art studio. It’s unsurprising that there are loads of choices when it comes to choosing your preferred paintbrush. Brushes are available in different sizes and, more […]


The kits are contemporary, colorful and we love doing them and also you actually want to keep and use the end result! So often you find great kits but while the process is great, the ‘thing’ you make isn’t something that fits in with your life or decor or aesthetic - these are perfect and you’ll be finding excuses to make more!

Hannah Watts

My preteen daughter loves these art projects because it’s everything you need in a box and fun!


I sent artbeat boxes to my niece’s in California and New York. They LOVED every project!! The arrival of the cool, colorful box got them excited right away! The quality of the materials and ease of instructions were awesome!!! Such creativity and fun in one box😊👍👍Thank you!!!

Kerri Ringel

Our daughter loves crafting with Kim! It’s her favorite activity and she has learned so many art and crafting techniques. Kim’s creativity and patience with her students is unmatched.

Shayna Plankar

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