So you’re probably wondering…what’s a disco cactus? Think of it this way…if a cactus plant got married to a disco ball, their baby would be a disco ball cactus!

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot for hanging jewelry
Disco ball cactus jewelry holder

I recently did this disco ball cactus in a pot with my middle grades class and I have to say – it was a huge hit! Add a small flower or a rainbow of colors – either way, this is sure to be a great gift to decorate for your next party. The best part? You don’t ever have to water it!

The tutorial is simple – you’ll want to either make a cactus out of a piece of cardboard or purchase your fake cactus plant online. You can totally make this using a fake small tree or any cardboard object – this piece will stand out.

I’ve seen so many cute disco decorated items online recently and I decided it might be fun to make this with a twist – add thorns to hang jewelry or earrings. My favorite part is that adding the thorns makes the piece functional and thus…giftable. I made my disco ball cactus in a pot using disco ball mirrors, but feel free to make your’s into a polka dot cactus or whatever! Even if you make a cactus from a pvc pipe, you can still totally add disco mirrors!

Here’s What You’ll Need to make your DIY Disco Ball Cactus in a Pot:

How to Make Your DIY Disco Ball Cactus in a Pot

The first thing you’ll want to do is gather all of your materials. You’ll probably want to get your table covered so that you do not get paint on the table – acrylic paint is not easily removed from furniture.

Next, you’ll want to grab a pushpin and start making holes all over the cactus. Personally, I find this easier to do before painting because it is hard to get the pushpin through both the paint and the thick cardboard.I took a strong pair of scissors and cut the toothpicks in half. If you notice that the wood on the toothpick is rough, gently use sandpaper to make sure that the toothpick doesn’t give you a splinter

(I learned this the hard way)!

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
Use a pushpin to puncture holes in the surface
Use a pair of scissors to cut the toothpick in half
DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
Dip toothpick in glue and push through the punctured holes

Next, dip your toothpick into glue and push into the punctured holes all over the cactus. You’ll want to let this glue dry for at least 24 hours to make sure the toothpicks are secure. I typically start this project at the very end of a class because this first step doesn’t take too long.

Next, paint your cactus! First, paint the entire cactus with white paint. This is like a primer or a base color. The cardboard soaks in the color so adding the base layer will make for a bolder green. I used green and white for this project but feel free to make your cactus any way you choose – you are the artist and it should be your project with your vision.

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
paint the entire cactus with white paint. Then paint the cactus green.

Let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry add a layer of mod podge. This is totally optional but I have found that the extra layer of glue makes the toothpicks even stronger – and if you plan to hang things from the toothpicks, you will want them to be durable.

Once the mod podge is dry, begin adding the disco mirror stickers. These stickers are incredibly sticky so you’ll want to only peel a few at a time. Once they stick to each other, it is impossible to separate and then you end up wasting a lot of your supplies.

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
Add your adhesive mirror stickers

Finally, hang your precious jewelry on the cactus or just put it on the shelf – use it for small Christmas tree decorations or whatever makes your heart sing! You can even make miniature ones to hang on your Christmas trees. I know, Christmas is a long way away, but it always comes around!

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
Add the green stickers

So, now that you’ve completed your DIY Disco Ball Cactus in a Pot, think about some other things you might want to embellish! Need help with picking out adhesives? Check out my blog post about rhinestone glues here.

DIY disco ball cactus in a pot for hanging jewelry
Finished product!
DIY disco ball cactus in a pot
Hang up your jewelry!

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