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Mother’s Day Happy Crafts – For Kids To Make In 2024

Mother’s Day Happy Crafts – For Kids To Make In 2024


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Here in the United States, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May and always a good opportunity to spend quality time with mom. This year it falls on Sunday, May 12, 2024! So you’ll want to start saying Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom by making her a Mother’s Day Gift. And guess what? A great way to do this is to make her something to celebrate her special day!

When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to make a Mother’s Day Cards. And back then, it was a beautiful thing and was really at no extra cost to my parents. But this year, since I am obviously all grown up, I want to make my own mother something a bit more special than just a card message.

Here’s my roundup of the best DIY gifts for Mom. Make these with small children, older kids, fellow moms or adult children (we all know some, right)?! Make these for your own mom or your bonus mom or your aunt or grandmother. Either way, you’re sure to become the favorite child if you make some of these.

If you are looking for something to make for your own mom, you’ve come to right place! Throw away those flower baskets and mother’s day quotes because these modern ideas will surely make your mom smile. And having a special place in your mother’s heart only takes a short time and lots of love!

What are some creative Mother’s Day crafts to show your unconditional love?

You know your mom loves you and is a huge part of your family. Celebrate your special connection with these crafts. Even if you can’t see your mom on Mother’s Day and all you can do is make a phone call – do not worry because these can all be easily shipped off to mom!

  1. Clay Flower Mirror DIY – I am sure you’ve seen this viral tiktok mirror (it is all over social media). If you haven’t, you are missing out! This is a beautiful handmade gift to make instead of a Mother’s Day Card. Of course you can always add a nice mother’s day message to the gift – either by painting it onto the mirror itself or by including a famous quote that makes her feel special!
    DIY mothers day gift of colorful clay flowers surrounding a round mirror
    This clay flower mirror will have a special place in your mother’s heart!
  2. Mother’s Day Notepad Shrinky Dinks – a total fan favorite and the best mother’s day card on earth because it can live on her keys forever. Tell your mom that she’s the best listener and the soul of our family – or simply write happy mothers day and maybe a few words of encouragement. Need a poem, check out Robert Browning Poems – they’re perfect for this holiday! Either way, she will cherish this forever. If you want to become the favorite grandchild, make this one for Grandma!
    loving message to mom on a shrinky dink keychain in the shape of a notepad for mothers day
    Write your mom a special Mother’s Day message.
  3. Foil Relief Heart Art – These Jim Dine inspired hearts are so cool! This is another absolute favorite because it can easily be hung up and can be made in lots of different sizes depending on how much space your mom has. You can even make a small rectangular one and turn it into a bookmark.
    pink heart made of foil with blue and yellow accent for mothers day
    Show mom lots of love with this foil relief heart.
  4. Fish-in-a-Bag Soap – These crack me up! My mom loves fish decor – I think growing up near the beach made her crave a more tropical style. And the good news is that this is a great gift because it is also functional. Meaning mom can actually use it! In the past year we haven’t been talking about soap and hand washing quite as much as we used to – but I still think this is a great useful idea to make mom happy! And you don’t even need to wrap it because the packaging is so darn cute!
    mothers day craft made of soap that looks like a goldfish in a bag of water
    Fish-in-a-bag Soap is so much fun to make!
  5. Mother’s Day Books – I have seen so many cute ideas for mom and I love this book because each of you can fill it out and work on it together. Quality time is the best part of this holiday, right?! Include a beautiful message, photo card or memory to show the greatest mom that you love her! DIY mothers day book gift
  6. Rock painting – this is so much fun and super easy. It is a great opportunity to show your mom you love her. Grab a seat at the kitchen table and draw or paint a design, add paint to children’s hands and make a handprint. These mothers day crafts will live on way past this year! 
    kind words painted on rocks to give to mom for a mothers day gift
    Give mom some words of encouragement
  7. Hand prints on air dry clay – This is one of my favorite crafts to make with your own children. It is especially a great gift for a first mother’s day. My mom made these with my kids – to give to me and it was the first time my daughter made me a gift. The best part? My daughter is 15 and I still have it!
    handprint and footprint on round white clay ornaments for mothers day
    Small children can leave their handprint for mom!
  8. DIY Lips Planter or Frame – This is relatively easy with the right materials on hand. If your mom is a pop art lover, she will absolutely love making this one. It is fast and easy. Just be sure to have adult supervision when it is time to do the gluing.
    white planter vase with DIY clay lips surrounding the outside
    Older kids will love making this DIY lips planter for mom – it’s so fun!
  9. Rolled Magazine Leaves – This one takes time so you might want to get started now! Family members can keep old catalogs and you can make art from them.
    DIY mothers day gift of magazine pages rolled into the shape of a leaf
    Mom will appreciate the hard work that went into making this rolled magazine leaf.
  10. Starburst Bathroom Mirror – Same concept. – use these rolled magazine leaves to make a gorgeous starburst DIY mirror. Only put in the hard work if you think she has a place to hang it up!
    round mirror surrounded by rolled up magazine pages in the shape of a star as a gift for mom
    This starburst mirror is a great way to put those old magazines to work.
  11. Felted Patches – Make your mom a scarf, a bag, a sweater or really any wearable garment and add a heart using felt. It is super simple and a cookie cutter makes for a handy template. This is one of the best ways to show you care. I recommend doing this one with extreme adult supervision since the needles are VERY sharp!


    Make matching patches for you & the best mom ever!


  12. Cork Crafts – Does your mom have a favorite celebrity? Make them out of corks. I love this one because it is recycled and so easy to do with kids. Plus, it takes a lot of time so it keeps kids busy for long periods of time. Win. Win.
    drink corks wrapped in fabric with drawn on faces to look like people
    One of the best ways to make mom smile on Mother’s Day is with these cork crafts!
  13. Trinket Dishes – These are gorgeous!! Show your incredible mother how wonderful she is by making her one of these marbled beauties! Messy but easy and SO much fun!
    Give your incredible mother a hand-made masterpiece!
  14. Crayon Pencil Holders – This is a favorite among kids and adults. Save those pringles cans for this easy DIY!
    DIY mothers day gift of pencil holders made from crayons
    The best part about these DIY pencil holders is that they can keep mom organized!
  15. Pom Poms – make these into a keychain or a wall hanging. Use up that yarn and grab some scissors because this is a fun one! For this project you will need yarn, cardboard and scissors
    DIY project of colorful pom poms made of yarn
    DIY pom-poms are a great opportunity to use up some spare yarn.
  16. Balloon Flip Flops – These are a fan favorite because they look absolutely incredible. The best part? You only need two things: Balloons and Flip Flops to make this incredible gift and to kick off summertime fun! 
    handmade mothers day gift for mom made of black flipflops with colorful balloons tied to the strap
    Make Mother’s Day a special day with special shoes!
  17. Polymer Clay Projects – The thing I love about polymer clay is that the possibilities are absolutely endless. You can make custom pens, beads, keychains, miniatures and more. Do you want find a hobby to do together on Mother’s Day? This is your project! To get all the information and more, check out this tutorial here.
    handmade mothers day gift made of polymer clay
    Handmade polymer clay projects are a beautiful thing – mom will agree!
  18. Trivet – If your mom loves to cook, she will love this trivet project. In over twenty years of teaching, I have never seen one that doesn’t look amazing. Trust me!
    trivet made from recycled newspaper and clear marbles for mom for mothers day
    This DIY trivet is a great Mother’s Day gift for moms who love to cook!
  19. Hydro-Dipped Sneakers – My mom would totally wear these. But if shoes are a bit too much, you can make her a vase or a water bottle. You can even take an old wine bottle, spray it with white spray paint and hydro dip. This project is a blast and definitely has a learning curve. Only do this one outdoors and be sure to wear a respirator or a mask to protect your lungs.Make the greatest mom ever the coolest shoes ever!

  20. Magnets – If your mom is like my mom, she still has a magnetic refrigerator. By the way, who else misses these? I miss them so much! Anyway, this project, similar to rock painting, is fun, relaxing and great to do together. And…they look totally professional and store bought. Be careful using magnets with small kids – this is an older kid activity.
    homemade mothers day gift made from colorful marble magnets
    Tell mom Happy Mother’s Day with handmade marble magnets!
  21. Family Collage – I don’t know about you, but I love projects that I can do together with my kids. It is a win-win because you spend quality time together and you make some awesome art projects along the way. For this project, you can use a canvas board but I just use the leftover cardboard from an amazon box. You will also need lots of old magazines and catalogs. Plus scissors and glue. Elmer’s or Aleene’s glue is totally fine but if you have a brand you like…go for it!
    All family members can pitch in to make mom some special magnets.
  22. Knock-off Chihuly Sculptures – These are gorgeous. Make them as free-standing sculptures or glue them to a frame or mirror. These are both unique and beautiful . One she will definitely want to keep for years to come. Be sure to purchase plastic cups with the #6 on the bottom and sharpies work best. Just pop em in the oven and watch the magic happen!
    colorful plastic shrunk to look like chihuly sculptures
    Make Mother’s Day a special day with a special gift.
  23. Hole Punch Crafts – Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how to make these beautiful heart shadow boxes. Once you purchase the heart punches and butterfly punches, you can use them to make cards and more!
    homemade mothers day craft of small butterfly and heart cut outs
    These hole punch crafts are the perfect addition to a handmade Mother’s Day card!
  24. Push Pin Art – Yes, you heard that right! Pushpins make incredible art. In fact, there’s a super cute trendy store right near my house and they actually sell them. They use designer logos, but I prefer to just make a letter (perhaps Mom’s first name initial)? Check out the tutorial on the bottom of this post.
    Older kids can make Mom’s initial out of pushpins.
  25. Sharpie Art – Last but not least – this is another Dollar Tree DIY and I wrote up the instructions at the bottom of this post so you can check it out. You’ll want non-permanent vinyl stickers and sharpies. Grab a dollar tree plate to finish it up. Do you remember all of those Pointillism lessons in art class? I always tell the kids in my class – no jabbing, just dotting. At the end they peel the stickers off and the end result is super cool. Pop them in the oven to cure them. These are actually incredible on the outside of a mug!
    handmade mothers day gift made of white dishes decorated with colorful sharpie
    Write a beautiful message or Mother’s Day quote with sharpie art!

Well that’s the roundup of the best Mother’s Day Projects I’ve ever made. If I make any more in the weeks to come, I’ll be sure to add them to my list. But this should be a great start for you to work on for mom! Happy Crafting and please let me know if you end up making any of them. I am always posting new ideas on my social media pages, so check those out, too!

If you’re still looking for more crafts, head to your local art supply store and see what they have. Oftentimes they’ll roll out new projects just in time for each holiday. Pick up some for dad, too. Want some super cool ideas for Father’s Day, too? Check out this post!

Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand by all of the products I use, I can receive a small c