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Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea 2024: Shrinky Dink Key chains!

Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea 2024: Shrinky Dink Key chains!


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no better way to say “I love you” than to make her a handmade gift – these are the presents moms like to keep forever.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, this is the most memorable and fun Mother’s Day craft. I’m not gonna lie, this might be my absolute favorite DIY gift idea of all time. For the last ten years I’ve done these with my art classes with first-grade students all the way to eighth grade. Why? Because this DIY notebook is a bigger deal than you may think…it’s the kind of gift parents keep forever. Plus…it’s a great value, too! You’ll see why soon! 

Let’s face it, your mom is your hero so why not honor her by creating a special gift that you know she will look at every single day since it’s right there on her keychain! While you can purchase something at the store or make her delicious desserts, nothing can beat a handmade gift specifically designed and written just for her!

This is the absolute best craft you can make for your mom for Mother’s Day – plus…it is easy and inexpensive and so much fun to make! It’s a great way to send mom a personalized message.

If you’re unsure what to give your mom (or any special person in your life) this year, make her something! This project is a handwritten mini note that she can keep forever – plus…the whole process is easy and low mess! What could go wrong?

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What you’ll need to make a notebook paper keychain using a shrinky dink sheet: 

How to make your own shrinky dinks notebook paper keychain for Mother’s Day:

When I am teaching art classes, I love to attempt to find the perfect way to wish mom a happy mother’s day. But since not everyone has a mom, I am extra sensitive to making sure to say that students can make this for any special person in their life. Plus, these also make perfect father’s day gifts, too! The first thing I do is I ask about the students’ moms and tell them to jot down a few things they love about her on regular notebook paper. Once they’ve got a few things to say, we begin my going over the rough side of the shrink paper vs the side with the clear coat. Students are to write directly onto the rough side. With younger kids, you might want to make the lines ahead of time. Older kids can do this part on their own. Also, you’re more than welcome to use a printable template of notebook paper if that makes it easier. They will still be incredible mother’s day gifts because they’re unique and make amazing keepsakes!

Step 1: Cut your 8.5x 11 Shrink dink plastic paper into quarters (this way you can make 4 keychains)!

shrinky dink key chain DIY mothers day gift

Step 2: Using your ruler, mark 1” from the top of the shrink paper (mark on both sides so that your lines are straight and parallel. for best results make sure you are on a flat, smooth surface) and draw a line across using your light blue fine point sharpie. You can also use colored pencils if that is easier.

use permanent markers to draw lines on shrinking plastic sheets

Step 3: Mark off every ½” and draw horizontal lines

use permanent markers to draw lines on DIY shrinky dinks

Step 4: Using a popsicle stick as a measuring tool, mark off a vertical line on the left side using your red sharpie.

use permanent markers to draw lines on the shrinky dinks sheet

Step 5: Write a heartfelt note and draw a picture. You can use Sharpie markers, permanent markers, or colored pencils. Do not use crayons.

use permanent markers to write a message on your DIY shrinky dink key chain mothers day gift

Step 6. Using a hole puncher, punch 3 holes. This is a fun way to make it look like real looseleaf paper.

Step 7. Place shrinky dinks onto a baking tray or cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. Pre-heat your oven (or toaster oven) to 325 degrees and bake for 1-2 minutes. During the shrinking process the shrink paper will curl and warp. Do not worry! This is totally normal! After it curls, the plastic film will eventually flatten.

place shrinky dinks on a baking sheet
watch the shrinking process in the oven
bake your shrinky dink at 325 degrees

Step 8: Add a key ring. You can also make other shrinky dink charms and add them to your key ring. You can have your kids write their names in their own handwriting and attach those as well!

add a key ring to your diy mothers day shrinky dink craft

Step 9: Wrap it up and give it as a gift to mom! She will absolutely love it.

easy mothers day gift idea shrinky dink keychains

Also…it is Mother’s Day for the Grandmothers out there, too!

Grandma’s in particular happen to really love this project (I know this first hand since my kid made one for my mom a few years ago)! Again…make it quick and make it easy and make your mom happy on her special day!


Can you use crayon on shrinky dinks?

Unfortunately no. Because crayons are wax based, they will not work well on shrinky dinks. Stick with colored pencils, markers or acrylic paint.

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