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Hydro Dipping!

Hydro Dipping!

mothers day crafts hydro dipped sneakers

hydro dipped shoes!

This summer I started exploring how to Hydro dip. I had seen a bunch of videos on Youtube and wanted to give it a try! Here’s how it works…First of all; you need to be sure you are hydro dipping outside only! You will need:


at least 3 colors

Rustoleum 2x (at least 3 colors)

Clear spray

table covering

face mask

a tub of water

You will fill the tub with water and begin spraying multiple sprays of spray paint directly into the water. The paint will sit on top of the water. Next; dip an object directly into the water. Take the other hand and move the rest of the water away from the object so that you do not grab more paint on the way out of the water. Pull the object out and let dry. Later; I sprayed everything with a quick thin coat of clear to seal in the paint. The results were amazing! I can’t wait to try more objects! What do you think? Watch the videos to see the fun we had!

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