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Funny Painted Rocks (plus 30 painted rock ideas)!
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Funny Painted Rocks (plus 30 painted rock ideas)!

rock face
Funny Face Rock

Introduction to painting rocks:

Painting rocks has been around since the beginning of time, but now more than ever we need ways to spread joy. During the height of covid, I started painting rocks and randomly left them around my neighborhood. I remarked to a friend that I was surprised that no one took them to keep. He replied, “no one wants to touch anything right now.” For a brief moment, I forgot about the state of the world. And looking back on that story, I can’t believe what we lived through!

So I guess the point is, painting rocks distracted me. Art distracts me. And funny rock painting is a great, great distraction!

Where can I find the best rocks for painting?

After I took a walk to the beach last week, I noticed that many of the rocks looked like noses. I decided to make faces. Making them was fun, but moving them around to make faces was even better.

Where do I start with rock painting?

Along the way, we decided to test out different paint pens to create funny rocks. I have always used sharpie oil based pens, but we tried out the water based acrylic Chalkola markers and the results were incredible. If you’re making rocks with kids, acrylic is MUCH easier! Using a paintbrush for small details is not the easiest way to go, so I recommend permanent paint pen markers. Here’s what you need and how to use them:

Best Paint for Rocks?

I have tried painting rocks using different methods and there are many ways to do it successfully. My typical method is to first paint the rock with white paint and then use paint pens for the details. Personally, I love the CHALKOLA MARKERS but I am sure that there are many great paint pens out there. I tested a few different kinds and compared their efficacy. You can check it out here.

Sealing Painted Rocks

If you want your painted rocks to last, you’ll want to seal them before putting them outside. I have tried a few methods and they both seem to work. I recommend using mod podge (they will not stay sealed forever, but they will stay sealed for a fairly good amount of time (perhaps a year or so). If you want a stronger sealant, you’ll want to use an acrylic spray. You can find these at any art supply store or hardware store. Be sure to seal the rocks outside or in a well ventilated space.

How to Paint Rocks

I have been painting rocks for years and I have found this method to work very well! First, you will want to find smooth rocks – they’re easiest for details. Flat rocks are the absolute best and you can find these near a river or a lake. A great way to find the perfect rock is to head to the beach! Take them to your house and clean them using soap and water.

What paint is good for painting rocks?

Once the rock is dry, paint the entire surface with white paint. Think of this as priming your canvas. If you’re starting out with a white rock, you can skip this step. Once the white paint is dry, it is time to pull out all of the bright colors. This is such a fun activity to do with kids at any age. But remember, acrylic paint stains – so use smocks accordingly! This is why I get the most control by using acrylic paint pens. I love the chalkola brand, but I’m sure there are lots of great options out there, too! Along the way, I decided to test out different paint pens on the rocks.

Are sharpies good for rocks?

I have always used sharpie oil based pens, but we tried out the water based acrylic chalkola markers and the results were much better than the sharpies for this project because of the paint drying time. Since oil paint takes too long, acrylic is best. Similarly, regular sharpies cannot handle the texture of the rock for too long. They will definitely work, but the markers will surely take a beating.

Are paint brushes or markers best for rock painting?

The markers easily glided along the surface of the rock and if you’re making rocks with kids, using paint pens are MUCH easier! Using a paintbrush for small details is not the easiest way to go, instead I recommend permanent paint pen markers. Basically, paint pens need to be used with care. Regardless, too much pressing or pushing and they’ll leak all over. If that happens, don’t worry! You can still make it work! Here’s how to do it:

  • SEAL (optional)

Easy peasy, right?

Rock Designs

The possibilities are endless. Especially when it comes to rock designs. A fun way to decide which way to paint is to brainstorm a list of potential designs. Here are over 30 designs to get you started:

  1. Fish Rock – this website seems to have some wonderful ideas for painting fish.
paint rocks like fish craft
fish rocks
  1. Rock Face – I made these rocks and decided it could be fun to have interchangeable rock face parts (eyes, ears, nose, etc). I was inspired mostly by the shape of the rocks and so many of them looked like noses to me! Check them out here.
  1. Holiday Rocks (Christmas rocks, Easter rocks, Halloween rocks, Valentine’s rocks) – need a last minute gift idea? The possiblities are absolutely endless.I love the idea of making peeps. Check out these Easter rocks.
painted rock chicks SQ b
peeps rocks
  1. Kindness rocks (put quotes or special messages on your rocks). These make people SO happy! I am telling you…you do not need to spend a ton of money to make people feel special.
kindness rocks
this will make someone’s day!
  1. Funny and witty rocks – these crack me up and make other people laugh, too. I particularly love this rock design. These are some of the funniest rocks I have ever seen! I love them so much!
rock paper scissors rock
  1. Fruit and Vegetable Rocks – these disappeared the fastest when I sprinkled them around the neighborhood. Again, I revolved my designs around the shape of the rock.
strawberry rock
  1. Food and dry goods rocks: these are insane! I am obsessed! Also, check these out!
painted rocks that look like food min
painted rocks that look like food!
amazing example of rock painting
  1. Animal rocks – I love turtles and love this rock design.
  2. Rock School supplies – check these out!
painted rock turtles craft
painted rock turtles craft

Whichever designs you decide to use, just make sure you’re prepared with supplies and a smock or old shirt. And…do NOT use tempera paint. It won’t last outdoors. Want more crafts to do with kids? Check out this post. Plus, remember, painted rocks seem to make people happy…so…kindness rocks!

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