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Jim Dine Inspired Hearts

Jim Dine Inspired Hearts

Have you ever seen the work of artist Jim Dine? Jim Dine created hearts that looked 3D. He used a lot of elements and colors and techniques to make his hearts look 3 dimensional. Jim Dine’s art is both inspiring and beautiful. And in honor of Valentine’s Day, we are going to make some! My version of Jim Dine inspired hearts use just a few supplies; foil, cardboard, sharpies, glue and string. Anyone can make these! I promise!     What You’ll Need: Yarn Glue (school glue works great) Cardboard Foil Sharpies Foam Brush   To create your own Jim Dine inspired hearts – follow these steps:
  1. Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired size. I have made both small and large foil hearts and they all look beautiful!
2. Draw or trace a heart in the middle of the cardboard. Use a ruler and draw lines going horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Do not worry if you mess up this step because the cardboard will be covered with foil!
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step one draw a template
Heart with lines
3. Using a foam brush, add glue. Use the glue generously! Apply an even layer.
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step two brush glue onto the template
Using a foam brush to apply glue
4. Add yard to wherever your shapes and lines are. Trim off any excess.
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step 3 outline template with yarn
Adding yarn
5. Add a sheet of foil to the top of the cardboard. Lay it gently and evenly.
Jim Dine heart  art project tutorial step 4 add aluminum foil over the top of the template
gently add foil – either side works!
6. Using the palms of your hands, smooth out the foil. Gently push towards the perimeter of the cardboard to push away any excess glue. Tuck the extra foil to the back of the cardboard.
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step 6 press aluminum foil down to reveal the heart underneath
7. Color in the heart using sharpies. I typically begin by coloring the inside perimeter first. Be sure not get any marker where the bumps or strings are.
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step 7 shade the heart pink with sharpie
It’s much easier to outline the inside perimeter before coloring
8. Color in the background in the same way. Use the side of the marker rather than the point – this will prevent holes in the foil. Do not push too hard.
Jim Dine heart art project tutorial step 8 add a yellow accent to the Jim Dine heart
Adding the background color
9. For an extra wow factor, frame your new Jim Dine inspired heart!
Art teacher displaying completed Jim Dine inspired heart in a frame
I made this one for my mom!
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