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Lips Planter Pots DIY Tutorial using a Silicone Mold

Lips Planter Pots DIY Tutorial using a Silicone Mold

diy clay lips planter pot

I’m sure you’ve seen face vases all over the internet. Lately I’ve been buying up plants every time I head to the grocery store. The problem is that I do not love the pots they come with! So…I decided to make my own. Since you know I’ve been completely obsessed with lips lately, I decided to go monochromatic and make them all white. However, you could totally use some acrylic paint and make those lips red or even gold. I might still do that! 

Valentine's Day Crafts How to Make a DIY Lips Planter Pot with Clay Art Beat Box

 I made more lips than needed, so I decided to make a picture frame, too. I found these frames at the bullseye section at Target. 

What you’ll need to make a DIY Lips Planter

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Lips mold or any shape you choose to use 

White sculpey clay Pot or large bowl or picture frame.

Loctite ultra gel Spray paint 


Steps for making DIY planters with lips

  1. Use small pieces of white clay and push them into the mold. Make sure you’ve filled all of the cavities. Push the clay in and pack it tight. Be sure to fill each and every crevice. Smooth out the top of the lips so that there is a flat surface to adhere to whichever home decor item you choose to create.
clay crafter pressing white polymer clay into mold in the shape of lips
Add clay to the mold

2. Pop the lips out of the mold and make as many as will fit the pot.
art teacher displaying clay lip molds on a ceramic tile before oven baking
Pop the lips out of the mold. Make as many as you need to cover the pot

4. Bake the clay according to the instructions on the package. I bake mine on a piece of foil or a ceramic tile. Let cool. You could also use air dry clay, model magic or even wax melts (although wax won’t last forever like clay will).
clay crafter applying strong adhesive to the back of polymer clay lip sculptures
Use a dab of Loctite glue on the back of each lip

7. The next step is to wipe off any extra glue that might seep out from behind the lip of the planter that might show from behind. Let dry for 24 hours. Pro-tip – do not use hot glue. It won’t work as well. Don’t over-do the glue – a little bit goes a long way!
art teacher demonstrating how to attach clay sculpture to planter pot
Gently glue the mold to the pot. Wipe of any excess glue

8. Paint. If you’ve already made the lips red or gold, you will want to paint the pot before you glue on the lips. I left my pot white, so I painted everything after the glue was already dry. Spray paint in the color of your choice! Use spray paint. Rustoleum works great. Be sure to only use spray paint outdoors. 
art teacher demonstrating how to spray paint DIY lips planter with white paint
Spray paint the pot the color of your choice
spray paint outdoors!

9. Add your favorite plants for a big impact. It can be an air plant, tall evergreens or whatever! You can even use chain hangers and connect them to the lip of the pot. Also, make sure your pot has a drainage hole. 

Now that I’ve finished this pot, I think I will give this as a gift for Valentine’s Day. And maybe I will make a face planter next – I love filling empty spaces with faces (see what I did right there)??? The thing I love about a head planter with the plant hanging from the top of the pot is that the plants end up looking like hair. Makes me laugh! 
DIY lips planter made from a white planter pot with polymer clay sculptures of lips surrounding the outside
Finished DIY lips planter pot

Frequently asked questions about making a DIY Lips planter

Where can I find a perfect planter or pot? 

Head to the thrift store or art supply store or simply grab something from around the house.

Can I use just any glue?

No. Polymer clay is tricky. Use loctite or E6000. Make sure that you open the front door for ventillation. A glue gun doesn’t seem to work well with a ceramic plant pot and polymer clay.

Can I add air plants or faux plants?

Yes! You can make any kind planter you’d like. The world is your oyster! 

Can these pots be kept outdoors?

No. I would not recommend that especially in cold climates. The excess water and cold are not good for ceramics.

What other planters or housewares could I make using silicone molds?

You could buy silicone molds in any shape – hearts, skulls, stars, moons. You name it – they’ve got it! 

Happy Crafting!

Want more polymer clay help? Check out this post which has everything you’ll need to get started with Polymer clay and Sculpey clay. 


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