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70 Creative 3D Crafts For Kids, Teens, And Adults

70 Creative 3D Crafts For Kids, Teens, And Adults

3D Crafts

Are you ready to use your imagination and have some fun? Look no further! In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of 3D crafts, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a kid, a teen, or an adult, there’s something here for everyone. From 3D paper crafts to animal crafts, paper flowers to craft projects, get ready to explore a wide range of exciting activities that will spark your creativity and bring your ideas to life. Let’s dive in and discover 70 amazing 3D crafts that will make crafting a fun way to spend your time!

3D Paper Crafts for Kids

These paper crafts are perfect projects for kids of all ages to practice cutting, folding, and gluing. They double as great practice for fine motor skills too! In this list, you’ll find 3-D construction paper crafts and even some printable paper crafts. Older kids might want to try making their own 3-D paper creations, while the printable version is better for younger children. So break out the construction paper and get ready to hang some of these on your bulletin board!

1. 3D Rainbow Art from Twitchetts

With just a few simple steps, kids can create a vibrant masterpiece that’s bursting with color, perfect for adding a pop of fun to any space. It even comes with a free template!

2. Rainbow Heart Mobile from Twitchetts

Kids will love crafting this adorable hanging decoration filled with cascading colors, making it the perfect addition to any room or play area.

3. 3D Balloon Drawing from Twitchetts

With this 3D Balloon Drawing project, kids can bring their artwork to life with depth and dimension.

4. Fine Motor Snakes from Twitchetts

Designed to help kids develop essential fine motor skills, this fun and educational activity will have them crafting adorable snake characters using simple materials in no time.

5. Quilled Turtle from Twitchetts

Kids will love creating their very own turtle using intricate paper quilling techniques, resulting in a unique and eye-catching piece of art they can proudly display.

6. Quilled Turkey from Twitchetts

Kids can craft their adorable turkey using colorful paper quilling techniques, adding a festive touch to any Thanksgiving celebration.

7. Flying Bat from Twitchets

With just a few simple materials, kids can create their own bat friend that’s perfect for Halloween decorations or imaginative play.

8. Paper Strip Butterfly  from Twitchetts

This paper strip butterfly project is so much fun to make and the perfect spring craft!

9. 3D Paper Tree from Twitchetts

Kids can bring the beauty of nature indoors as they create their own three-dimensional tree masterpieces using simple paper folding techniques.

10. 3D Christmas Tree from Twitchetts

Kids can create their own festive holiday decor using paper and scissors, adding a touch of Christmas magic to any space.

11. 3D Zebra from The Craft Train

Bring this majestic creature to life using simple paper folding techniques, resulting in a stunning three-dimensional masterpiece.

12. Spinning Hot Air Balloon from Crafty Morning

Craft their own colorful hot air balloon that actually spins, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any room or play area.

13. Frog on a Lily Pad from The Craft Train

Create your own adorable frog friend resting on a lily pad using paper and craft supplies, perfect for sparking imaginative play.

14. Paper Cup Shark from Ocean Child Crafts

Craft their own fearsome shark using a paper cup and other simple materials, perfect for under-the-sea adventures.

15. Paper Cup Bunny from Ocean Child Crafts

Craft your own adorable bunny friend using a simple paper cup and some craft supplies, perfect for Easter or anytime fun.

16. Toilet Paper Roll Cacti from Ocean Child Crafts

Dive into the desert and create your own prickly cactus garden using toilet paper rolls!

17. Newspaper Lion from Ocean Child Crafts

Kids can craft their own majestic lion using recycled newspaper and other craft supplies, perfect for sparking imaginative play or as a fun decoration.

18. Quilled Paper Flowers from A Few Shortcuts

Kids can create their own colorful flowers using paper quilling techniques, perfect for adding a touch of springtime beauty to any room.

19. Egg Carton Desert from The Best Ideas for Kids

Make a miniature desert landscape using recycled egg cartons and craft supplies, perfect for imaginative play or as a unique decoration.

20. Paper Umbrellas from Easy Peasy and Fun

Bring a splash of color to any rainy day with the Paper Umbrellas project! Kids can craft their own colorful umbrellas using paper and craft supplies.

21. Moving Fish Craft from Krokotak

Create a colorful fish that actually moves using creative folding techniques. These make great puppets or props!

22. Paper Chain Snakes from The Craft Train

Learn about pythons with this fun paper chain snake craft! This one doubles as great fine motor practice too.

23. Paper Ornaments from The Craft Train

Is the Christmas tree looking a little bare this year? These paper baubles make terrific decorations!

24. Paper Squishies from Craftsy Hacks

Squishmallows are all the rage, but have you ever tried making your own paper squishies?

3D Fabric Crafts for Kids

Another fun way to make 3D crafts is with different fabrics, like old socks and yarn. It’s always a good idea to grab some yarn on sale for less than its regular price and keep it on hand for fun activities like these!

25. Sock Turkey from Art Beat Box

Make an adorable sock turkey with an old sock, rice, and some feathers. No sewing is required for this adorable DIY Thanksgiving Day decoration!

26. Sock Snowman from Art Beat Box

If you loved making a sock turkey, use the same method to make some cute snowmen for winter!

27. Cork People from Art Beat Box

Have some old corks lying around? Use them to make creative characters. This is a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!

28. Yarn Octopus from Art Beat Box

All you need is a tennis ball and some yarn to make this fun summer craft.

29. DIY Cardboard Pom Poms from Art Beat Box

Did you know you can make your own pom poms using cardboard? Learn how in this fun and easy tutorial.

30. Pom Pom Pumpkin from Art Beat Box

Turn your homemade pom poms into DIY Halloween decorations by crafting a pom pom pumpkin! Make multiple and string them up on a garland for some festive homemade seasonal decor.

31. Pom Pom Puppy from Art Beat Box

This pom pom puppy looks so realistic! Pom poms are great to use for 3D animal crafts because of their texture.

32. Pom Pom Hedgehogs from The Craft Train

How cute are these pom pom hedgehogs? Make them in a few simple steps!

3D Mixed Media Crafts

These mixed media 3D crafts use materials that you probably have around the house. A great way to recycle old supplies and have some fun!

33. Toilet Paper Shakers from Art Beat Box

Turn toilet paper rolls into musical fun with the Toilet Paper Shakers project! Kids can craft their own shakers using recycled materials, adding a touch of rhythm to playtime.

34. Sneaker Planter from Art Beat Box

How much fun is this cement sneaker planter? This project requires a custom mold, so it’s better suited for teens or adults.

35. Fish in a Bag Soap from Art Beat Box

These DIY fish-in-a-bag soap crafts make the perfect party favor!

36. Sushi Candles from Art Beat Box

Do you have a sushi lover in the family? Make 3D sushi candles by rolling beeswax sheets!

37. Rolled Magazine Leaves from Art Beat Box

We’re all about recycled crafts here at Art Beat Box, and these rolled magazine leaves are a great way to recycle old magazines. This is a tough one for kids and is better suited for teens or results.

38. Rolled Magazine Starburst Mirror from Art Beat Box

If you still have some magazines left over, why not turn them into a statement mirror for your home?

39. DIY Hanging Sculpture from Art Camp Studio

Would you believe this sculpture is made from glue?! Kids will have so much fun creating their own painted sculptures!

40. Painted Salt Sculptures from Fun at Home with Kids

You can use pretty much anything as a mold to make a painted salt sculpture. I love how these look like retro sandcastles!

42. Pinecone Dinosaur from Ocean Child Crafts

Transform ordinary pinecones into prehistoric creatures using paint and other craft supplies, perfect for sparking imaginative play and learning about dinosaurs.

43. Recycled Plastic Flowers from Left Brain Craft Brain

Craft meets science experiments with these fun recycled plastic cup flowers. Plus, it’s a great way to reuse those plastic cups! Do it around Earth Day to promote recycling or any time of year!

44. Tin Can Volkswagen Van from Ocean Child Crafts

Transform ordinary tin cans into retro-inspired Volkswagen vans using a printable template and craft supplies, perfect for imaginative play or as funky decor.

3D Crafts Clay Crafts for Teens/Adults

Clay is one of my absolute favorite mediums to make 3D crafts with. With endless possibilities of what you can sculpt, my art students and I have so much fun making clay projects. From trendy DIY decor to adorable miniature clay food, here are some of our favorite 3D crafts using clay.

45. Clay Flower Mirror from Art Beat Box

This clay flower mirror has gone viral all over TikTok and it’s super easy to make. Why not try it out yourself?

46. Clay Trinket Bowl from Art Beat Box

Craft a clay trinket bowl from scrap pieces of clay to make a place for those random items hanging out in your pocket!

47. Marble Clay Coasters from Art Beat Box

These coasters look store bought, but they’re actually made using a really simple marbling technique!

48. Mini Clay Cakes from Art Beat Box

There’s just something adorable about miniature food. My students love making these mini clay cakes!

49. Clay Ice Cream Cone Pen from Art Beat Box

Personalize your writing utensils by making a clay ice cream cone pen topper!

50. Beaded Clay Keychain from Art Beat Box

Have a teen driver in your house? Make a clay beaded keychain to hold their first pair of car keys!

51. Decoden Art from Art Beat Box

Decoden is such a fun way to make terrific decorations, phone cases, and more!

Mini Clay Lemons from Art Beat Box

52. Sculpt mini lemons out of clay for a pop of color with this fun summer craft.

53. Mini Clay Apples from Art Beat Box

Want more mini clay food projects? Try out these miniature apples – this tutorial is super easy.

54. Realistic Fake Donuts from Art Beat Box

Am I the only one who wants to take a bite out of these realistic-looking clay donuts? Teens love this artificial food project!

55. Lips Planter Pot from Art Beat Box

Spice up an ordinary planter by adding some small clay sculptures! This lips planter pot makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but you could use a different shape like stars for Memorial Day or skulls for Halloween!

56. Clay Mushrooms from One Little Project

Add a touch of whimsicality to your St. Patrick’s Day decorations with this clay mushroom tutorial.

57. Fantasy Dragon Eggs from Adventure in a Box

This creative craft uses aluminum foil and air-dried clay to make your imagination come to life! Crafting Dragon Eggs is perfect for fantasy book lovers.

3D Paper Crafts for Teens & Adults

Paper 3D crafts aren’t just for kids – teens and adults can enjoy 3-D construction paper crafts too! This list has a wide range of paper 3-D crafts for teens and adults using everything from construction paper to cupcake liners!

58. 3D Artwork with Paper Hearts from DIY Enthusiasts

Crafters can layer paper hearts to create stunning three-dimensional artwork, perfect for adding a touch of romance to any room or a handmade Valentine’s Day gift.

59. 3D Shadow Box with Landscape Designs from Abbi Kirsten Collections

Step into a world of wonder with 3D shadow box landscapes! Create your own colorful landscapes within shadow boxes, bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

60. Turtle Mandala from Hattifant

Using intricate designs inspired by mandalas, adults can create stunning three-dimensional turtle artworks, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.

61. Paper Pumpkins from Patti J Good Designs

Celebrate the season with Paper Pumpkins! These three-dimensional paper pumpkins make terrific decorations for the fall.

62. 3D Rainbow Mandala from Abbi Kirsten Collections

This vibrant mandala layers colored paper to create a stunning three-dimensional design.

63. Cupcake Liner Flowers from Typically Simple

Would you ever guess that these flowers are made from cupcake liners? These make the best DIY party decorations!

64. Paper Cherry Blossoms from Abbi Kirsten Collections

Bring the magic of cherry blossoms indoors with this paper cherry blossom craft.

65. 3D Doodle Cat from The Craft Train

Let your imagination run wild with the 3D Doodle Cat project! Adults or teens can doodle and shape paper to create charming three-dimensional cat sculptures, perfect for cat lovers.

66. Paper Hydrangeas from One Young Love

If you don’t have cupcake liners, you can also make beautiful paper hydrangeas with craft paper or even brown paper lunch bags.

67. Geometric Wall Art from Jam Paper

Create visually captivating three-dimensional artwork using geometric shapes, adding a modern touch to any space.

68. Geometric Paper Bowls from The Craft Patch

Try your hand at origami by making geometric paper bowls, perfect for holding small office items like paperclips or sticky notes!

69. Paper Cut Bird Cages from Designs by Miss Mandee

Can you believe these bird cages are made from paper? Use a blade or laser cutting machine to cut slits in the side of the paper and watch it transform into these stunning three-dimensional pieces!

70. Taco Pinata from Art Beat Box

Spice up any fiesta with the Taco Piñata project! Create your own festive piñatas shaped like tacos, perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations or Taco Tuesdays.

64. Cupcake Liner Wreath from Crafts by Courtney

Craft your own spring wreath using vibrant cupcake liners, or choose fall or winter colors for different seasons!

I hope you find a 3D crafts to get excited about in this post!

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