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50 Fun Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teens

50 Fun Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teens

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by adding a personalized touch to your gifts? Whether you’re a teen looking to surprise your besties or a parent seeking the perfect present for your teenage daughter or son, handmade gifts carry a charm that store-bought ones simply can’t match. Crafting unique gifts isn’t just a fun idea; it’s a thoughtful way to show your affection and creativity. So, embrace the Valentine’s Day spirit and join us as we explore 50 amazing DIY gift ideas that are sure to make this holiday a big deal for your special teens. Stick around – you won’t want to miss out on these perfect Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll make this year’s celebration a memorable one!

50 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teen Girls & Teen Boys

50 diy valentine’s day gifts for teens

Remember the days of homemade shoe box Valentine collectors and classroom parties? Valentines Day looks a little bit different with older kids. You probably won’t catch teenage boys & teenage girls passing out  Valentine’s cards to everyone in their class. So how can teens today celebrate the holiday in their own way? By making handmade gifts for their best friend or family! You can’t find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift at the store, you need to make it!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Teen Boys

It can be difficult to find gift ideas for the teen guy in your life. Whether it’s for your teenage son or your child’s friend, these are the best Valentine’s day gifts for teenage guys.

1. Hydrodipped shoes

Grab some water, a few different colors of paint, and some canvas sneakers to make hydrodipped shoes. Such a unique and practical gift!

2. Thumbtack art

This thumbtack wall art is a great way to show someone you care about them. Make it with their initial or get creative with a shape. The industrial look of the thumbtacks make this perfect for teenage boys!

3. Sneaker planter

Do you know a teen guy that doesn’t like sneakers? This DIY high-top sneaker planter make a great Valentine’s day gift they’ll never forget!

4. Sushi candles

Looking for a unique valentine’s day gift you can’t find anywhere else? Try these rolled beeswax sushi candles.

5. Painted rocks

If you need to make an inexpensive gift, painted rocks are the way to go! Write a thoughtful or funny message to bring a smile to their face.

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

6. Valentine’s Day pennant by Lindi & Russ

The possibilities are endless with this simple pennant. Use their name, a date, or one of their favorite things. Stick to simple black and white colors or get creative – it’s up to you!

7. DIY leather keychain by Alice & Lois

One of the bets gifts for a teen guy is a leather keychain. It helps them keep track of their keys AND looks super cool!

8. DIY carved candle by Hello Glow

Gifting a carved candle is a great idea for an inexpensive and thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day gift

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Teen Girls

These Valentine’s gifts for teen girls are all about bringing some sparkle to their life! Here are some perfect gift ideas for the teenage girl in your life:

9. Rhinestone Conversation Heart tumbler

Show them some love with a custom rhinestone heart tumbler! Perfect for someone that’s ditching plastic water bottles for stainless steel.

10. Statement mirror

This statement mirror is so much fun to make and a unique way to add some personality to a room.

11. Clay flower mirror

Have you seen this viral clay flower mirror on TikTok? Surprise the teenage girl in your life with this fun handmade gift!

12. Heart elbow patch

For those that have a more classic style, gift a DIY felted heart elbow patch sweater!

13. Shaving cream marbled dishes

These marbled trinket dishes are so easy to make and are an ideal gift for jewelry-lovers!

14. Disco cactus jewelry hanger

If you’re looking for another ideal gift for jewelry loves, try this fun disco ball cactus jewelry hanger!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

15. Bling crocs

Oh how the style has changed. Crocs are all the rage right now! Add a little bling to make this easy handmade gift.

16. DIY rhinestone sneakers

These custom rhinestone sneakers are to die for and make one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day!

17. Friendship bracelets by Making Things is Awesome

You can find the cutest Valentine’s Day friendship bracelets on Etsy, or grab some beads and make them yourself! I love how you can add the personal touch of a name with this gift. You can even spend some good quality time with your friends and make them together!

18. DIY Valentine’s day clutch by Pretty Life Girls

Want unique Valentine gifts you can’t find anywhere else? Try this DIY Valentine’s Day clutch.

19. DIY hand painted clay necklace by Pretty Life Girls 

Handmade clay jewelry is such a fun way to show someone you care about them. Try these hand painted clay necklaces with a heart-shaped design!

20. Heart duct tape earring by Sum of their Stories

You’d never know these beautiful earrings are made from duct tape. This is such an original handmade Valentine’s gift idea!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Special Gifts For Teenage Sons and Daughters

We all know the teen years can be hard! Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to remind your teen daughter or son of your unconditional love.

21. Cork people

This fun craft is actually a great fit for kids of all ages. Make some cork people that look like your son or daughter, or make your whole family!

22. Stuffed animal chair

Have you been looking for something to do with that teddy bear that doesn’t get used anymore? Make some practical recycled art with this stuffed animal chair project!

23. DIY Sweatshirt by Pretty Life Girls

Teenagers spend a lot of time in cold classrooms. Make them a DIY sweatshirt or hoodie to help keep them warm.

24. Needle felted shoes Pretty Life Girls

These needle felted shoes make a great handmade Valentine’s Day gift. If you don’t think the teen in your life will like the heart-shaped design, try a star!

25. Homemade conversation heart bath bombs by HGTV

Out with the bubble bath and in with the bath bombs! The best thing about these bath bombs is that you can make them with all natural ingredients! Include things like vitamin E and essential oils to really give the gift of relaxation to your teen.

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

26. Pop-up photo box by The DIY Village 

​These days every teen has a smart phone and social media, so printing pictures is a rare occasion. I love the sweet idea of this photo pop-up box. Include pictures of your fondest memories with teenage son or daughter!

27. Valentine’s day advent calendar by Our Kind of Crazy

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. Why not celebrate with a DIY advent calendar? It’s a gift that keeps giving all month long!

28. Personalized money box by Simplify, Create, Inspire

Would you be a parent if you didn’t give practical gifts? Help your teenager learn responsible financial habits with a personalized money box for spending, saving, and giving.

29. I love you because… dry erase board by Our Handcrafted Life

You don’t need a good reason to remind your teenager why you love them. Tell them everyday with this personalized dry erase board!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Crafty Valentine’s Day Gifts For High School Students

Whether your teen is making a gift for their friend or you’re looking for a thoughtful idea for your high schooler, everyone is sure to love these handmade Valentine’s Day gifts!

30. Melted crayon art

Know a high school student that’s an art lover? This melted crayon wall art is a thoughtful gift! Make a heart-shaped design in honor of Valentine’s Day or go with something more abstract.

31. Shrinky Dink keychain

You’re never too old for shrinky dinks! Handmade keychains are a great gift for teens that are just learning to drive. This tutorial is for a Mother’s Day gift, but you can adapt it to any holiday. Give the personal touch of a name, favorite team, favorite brands, or favorite entertainment!

32. Jim Dine hearts

Need a last minute gift that’s inexpensive? Try these Jim Dine inspired hearts!

33. Liquitex collage

The best way to show someone you care is to make a collage that represents them. Such a great handmade gift for family for a best friend!

34. Valentine’s Day String wall art

I love gifting DIY decor that people can set out year after year. Try this fun and easy Valentine’s Day heart string art!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

35. Hexagon tile art by Pretty Life Girls

Hexagon tiles are having a moment. How satisfying is the perfect pattern of this hexagon tile art?

36. Editable chocolate heart smash box by A Turtle’s Life for Me

Have an angsty high-schooler in your life? Give them an editable heart smash box to take out some of that frustration!

37. DIY leather cord organizers by Sustain My Craft Habit

Teens and technology go hand in hand. Help them stay organized with DIY leather cord organizers – great for portable chargers too!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Inexpensive DIY Gifts For College Students

College kids are experiencing the world on their own for the first time. These gifts are the perfect addition to their new apartment or dorm room!

38. Dollar tree trivet

No one buys a trivet for themselves, but everyone needs one! This fun and easy dollar tree trivet is actually useful too!

39. Crayon pencil holder

Help your college student stay organized while studying with this DIY crayon pencil holder.

40. Marble magnets

These DIY marble magnets are so easy and are a great way to hang up important reminders. The best part? They can be personalized for each recipient!

41. Lips planter pot

This modern DIY decor makes a great gift for the beginning decorator.

42. Lazy susan

​Kind of like the trivet.. no one buys themselves a lazy susan but everyone can use one!

43. DIY moon wall hanging

Help spruce up that apartment or dorm room with this boho DIY moon wall hanging.

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

44. Monogram heart mug by Diary of a Debutante

College students need coffee.. lots of coffee! This monogrammed heart mug is a perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

45. Vinyl heart candles by Pretty Life Girls

These vinyl heart candles are so cute and such an easy DIY Valentine’s Day decor idea!

46. Kitchen chalkboard by Anderson and Grant

Help your college student stay organized in the kitchen with this chalkboard made from a clipboard – so easy and useful!

47. Etched utensils by It’s Simply Lindsay

Chances are every college student could use some more utensils. I love the look of these etched wooden spoons and spatulas!

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Edible Valentine’s Day Gifts

What’s the key to every teenager’s heart? Food! When in doubt, make an edible Valentine’s Day gift. These sweet treats are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

48. Heart Oreo pops by Happiness is Homemade

If you’ve never had an Oreo pop, stop what you’re doing right now and go make these.

49. Conversation heart cake pops by It’s Always Autumn

Who can resist a nostalgic conversation heart dessert?

50. Candy mug by Blue Sky at Home

50 Fun Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

This is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Place their favorite candy in a mug, add some creative wrapping, and you’ve got a delicious DIY gift. Add a Valentine’s Day card to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

These handmade Valentine’s Day gift ideas are much more thoughtful than a box of chocolates or a gift card. Show the teenagers in your life how much you care by making something with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

​Need more great gift ideas for teens? Check out this post for one of my ultimate teenager gift guides!