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DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones

Nothing makes your feet sparkle quite like beautiful rhinestone converse or low tops! Whether you’re in the mood to create custom designs or a unique handmade gift idea, these bedazzled converse shoes will bring some extra sparkle with every step you take. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to make these shoes either for an everyday look or for special occasions. As you know, custom shoes are all the rage right now. So are rhinestones. You can check out many Etsy sellers or you can make your own creative goods.

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I’ll be hand placing the rhinestones in this tutorial because rhinestone templates aren’t the best method for blinging shoes. Rhinestone templates work well with other canvas projects though! Want to learn the best hand placement techniques and how to make custom rhinestone templates? Check out my digital rhinestone courses – they’re perfect for bedazzlers of all skill levels!

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Handmade Rhinestone Shoes

Creative entrepreneurs all over the world have made attempts at rhinestone shoes. For weddings, gifts or to start your own business; new bedazzled shoes are sure to shine! An easy way to make new shoes is to grab the shoes you will want to use. If you are planning to sell the shoes, you’ll want to keep them in the original packaging. Then decide if you’d prefer high shoes or low tops. Finally, you will need the right kind items for the project (see supply list below).

Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand by all of the products I use, I can receive a small commission from any products purchased via my affiliate links.

What craft supplies you’ll need:

– Rhinestones (My favorite rhinestones are either from Amazon or from Be Createful. Use this link & the code ArtBeat for 20% off your first order!)

– Rhinestone glue 

– Wax pencil

– Shoes


Making handmade rhinestone sneakers for creative entrepreuners and hobbyists

Gather your supplies

1. Using sand paper, sand the rubber toe area. Use extraordinary care to be sure that the rubber has been roughed up so that the glue can adhere.

2. Use an alcohol prep pad and completely clean the sneakers.

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones (3)
Rough the rubber toe with sandpaper and clean the whole shoe before starting

3. Add rhinestones and glue each to a separate tray. For this project I decided to use crystal rhinestones rather than a rhinestone color, but you can make your special goods according to your taste.

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones
Add rhinestones and glue to separate trays

5. For the canvas area, I used the scatter method. Since I wanted to make these sneakers into dress shoes, I wanted the shoes to really sparkle, I used several different sized rhinestones and made a cluster in the corner and had the rhinestones fan out gradually to make a starburst look. I love the way it came out! I added dots of glue and pressed the rhinestones down firmly.

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones (2)
Add a dot of glue to the canvas and press down firmly to adhere the rhinestone

6. To add the glue to the toe kick, use your toothpicks and add lines of glue to the rubber area. Add rhinestones and be sure to push them down so that they’ll adhere properly.

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones (5)
Use a toothpick to add a small amount of glue to the toe kick

Start on either the top or the bottom and work across in rows until the entire area is filled up. For this part of the shoe, I used both the scatter method. I started with the honeycomb pattern on the toe area. For any spaces where the rhinestones couldn’t fit, use smaller rhinestones and squeeze them into the cracks.

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones (4)
Add rhinestones from top top bottom

7. Add the Shoe Laces!

DIY Custom Bling Converse Sneakers with Rhinestones (6)
Add custom shoe laces for extra flair

I chose to use satin shoelaces to dress them up as much as possible. You can find these shoelaces either on Amazon (linked above) or on the etsy app. I am sure they have a great selection of four-star shoelaces.

Now, if you would prefer to purchase shoes rather than make your own, I would recommend searching for made-to-order items on a global marketplace such as Etsy. However, if you are going to purchase – be sure to patronize small businesses. While I am sure you can find many rhinestone shoes with 5-star reviews, I think nothing beats handmade pieces that you make yourself! Hey, maybe you can add your blinged converse, high tops and custom items to your own site. Or you can use Etsy’s advertising platform as your whole host for your custom shoes. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to double check both shoe sizes and your choice of color when picking out rhinestones.

The glue will take 48 hours to dry and several days to fully cure, so be careful with your finished product!

I can’t get enough of these gorgeous rhinestone shoes! They’re more than just a thoughtful handmade gift idea, they’re beautiful treasures that will sparkle for years to come! These are incredible for both brides, bridesmaids, adults and kids alike!

Custom Orders: We do not do custom orders for your special event. The good news is, if you check out places like Etsy, you will find tons of options with quick delivery times and free shipping. Simply give them your shoe size, credit card information and hit send. My current views of Etsy are that it is still a great place to buy handmade items. Wait for a good Etsy offer which are typically available from a large amount sellers.

Want to learn more about rhinestone types, applications, and advanced design tips? Check out my collection of rhinestone tutorials below!