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37 Simple Dollar Tree Carvable Pumpkin Makeover Ideas

37 Simple Dollar Tree Carvable Pumpkin Makeover Ideas

It’s that time of year again.. the Dollar Tree carvable pumpkins are about to hit the shelves! Are you ready to grab as many as you can to make some DIY fall decor and Halloween decor? I know I am! Last year I had so much fun decorating the Dollar Tree pumpkins with my class that I can’t wait to start another fun project with faux pumpkins to kick off the fall season. Need some inspiration for this DIY project? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ll share 37 simple Dollar Tree carvable pumpkin makeover ideas, so you can have fun adding some homemade pieces to you home decor this fall.

Why I Love Using Dollar Tree Carvable Foam Pumpkins

It’s time for a pumpkin show down: real pumpkin carving vs. fake pumpkins!

I’m all for taking a trip to the pumpkin patch and crafting a good old fashioned jack-o-lantern, but this traditional Halloween craft only lasts for so long. You can’t use a real pumpkin as part of your fall decor for the entire season. That’s why I love using dollar store pumpkins! There are so many creative ways you can decorate the dollar tree foam pumpkins that you can do this activity year after year and it will never get old! Plus, plastic pumpkins don’t rot so you can break them out for your Halloween decor or fall decor next year too! The best part is these inexpensive pumpkins only cost $1, so this craft won’t break the bank. Swing by your local Dollar Tree, grab some fake foam pumpkins and other Dollar Tree supplies, and you’re ready to start.

Important Questions About Dollar Tree Carvable Pumpkins

Before we get to the list of 37 Dollar Tree pumpkin ideas, here’s everything you need to know about faux pumpkins!

What Are Carvable Pumpkins Made Of?

The Dollar Tree pumpkins are made of foam. This makes them very light and easy to cut, if necessary. Most of the crafts on this list don’t require much cutting or carving, except for removing the pumpkin stem.

Are All Pumpkins Carvable?

No – the Dollar Tree also sells the plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins, which aren’t carvable. You could use both types of pumpkins for most of the crafts on this list, but the foam pumpkins have a more realistic look.

How Do You Stick Things To a Pumpkin?

You can use Elmer’s glue, hot glue, tacky glue, decoupage, or really any other adhesive.

What Craft Supplies Do I Need to Decorate Faux Pumpkins?

Affiliate disclosure: I do occasionally make a small commission from products purchased via affiliate links.

You’ll find a detailed tutorial for each Dollar Tree pumpkin craft, but here are some general craft supplies you might want to have on hand for your DIY pumpkins:

Mod Podge


Lace Strips

Fake Leaves

Faux Flowers



Velvet Ribbon

Hot Glue

Glue Gun


Push Pins


Craft Paper

Decorative Napkins

Washi Tape

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

White Chalk Paint

Spray Paint

37 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dollar Store Foam Pumpkin

Halloween Inspired Faux Pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkins

How do you wrap a pumpkin like a mummy? All you need is a faux pumpkin, white strips of fabric, and some glue. This is another one of my favorite Dollar Tree crafts to do with my students every year!
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover mummy pumpkins

Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin Topiary

A little paint, vinyl, and floral moss can turn three foam pumpkins into a beautiful topiary. Make this project your own by changing up the paint color. You could even do a white pumpkin on top of a black pumpkin to make a fun pattern. Image Credit: The Kim Six Fix
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover topiary pumpkins

Sharpie Pumpkins

These hand sketched sharpie pumpkins are another great idea for kids and teens because it’s so easy! A white pumpkin works best for this, so spray paint your faux pumpkin white, let it dry, then draw a fun design using black sharpie. This is one of those Halloween crafts your kids will beg you to do each year! Image Credit: The Happy Housie
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover sharpie pumpkins

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin

Add a spooky glow to your Halloween decor using a glow in the dark coat of paint. Learn how to make this creepy craft here! Image Credit: The Kingston Home
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover halloween pumpkins

Feathered Chalkboard Pumpkin Topiary

Put a fun spin on your Halloween crafts this year with another pumpkin topiary! Simply glue the bottom of the pumpkin to the top of the pumpkin with a feathered boa in between. The end result is such a spunky piece of Halloween decor with an erasable chalk surface! Image Credit: The Kim Six Fix
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover topiary pumpkins

Googley Eye Pumpkin

Another great idea for making DIY Halloween decor with kids – this googley eye pumpkin is so easy and fun! Image Credit: Mom Does Reviews
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover googley eye pumpkins

Day of the Dead Pumpkin

Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint those sugar skulls! Make your own pumpkins for Day of the Dead with napkins and Modge Podge! Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover day of the dead pumpkins

Fall Inspired Faux Pumpkins

Decoupage Pumpkins

One of my favorite ways to spruce up Dollar Tree pumpkins is with decoupage! You can make elegant pumpkins using beverage napkins and Modge Podge like this tutorial from An Organized Season or stick with your favorite printed craft paper or even tissue paper. Image Credit: An Organized Season
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover decoupage pumpkins

DIY Faux Pumpkin Vase

Cut the stem off the top of the pumpkin, add some faux fall florals, and you have a beautiful piece of DIY fall decor to display in your dining room, on your coffee table, or even your porch. This would work with various colors of paint if the bright orange color of a realistic pumpkin doesn’t match your aesthetic. Check out the full tutorial here. Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover fall centerpiece pumpkins

Rae Dunn Inspired Chalk Board Pumpkins

With a little black paint and chalk paste, these Rae Dunn inspired pumpkins will be your new favorite fall decor! Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover chalk paint pumpkins

Washi Tape Pumpkins

These washi tape pumpkins are a breeze to make and make a unique place setting for Thanksgiving dinner. Image Credit: Making Joy and Pretty Things
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover washi tape pumpkins

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

All it takes is a little white chalk paint to make the fall centerpiece of your dreams. Check out this tutorial from Home and Hallow for all the pumpkin painting tips and tricks! Image Credit: Home and Hallow
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover chalk paint pumpkins

Daisy Pumpkin

Don’t feel like breaking out your paint brush? Try this Dollar Store daisy pumpkin instead! All you need for this easy fall craft is a glue gun and some faux florals to transform a faux pumpkin into fall decor. Image Credit: Prudent Penny Pincher
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover daisy pumpkins

Copper Pumpkin Centerpiece

This tutorial from Up to Date Interiors uses pumpkins from Amazon, but you could totally do this with dollar tree pumpkins too! Image Credit: Updated Interiors
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover copper pumpkins

Mop Yarn Pumpkins

This easy tutorial from The Crazy Craft Lady uses a dollar tree mop head instead of yarn to transform these little pumpkins into neutral fall decor. With a little white paint and hot glue, this is a great center piece idea for your dining room table! Image Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover mop yarn pumpkins

Crackled Pumpkins

Make these pretty pumpkins in a few simple steps with various paint colors. Try out these blue crackled pumpkins or these gold crackled pumpkins for some beautiful fall decor! Image Credit: Home Stories A to Z & The Happy Housie
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeoverc crackled pumpkins

Farmhouse Inspired Faux Pumpkins

Burlap Foam Pumpkin

One of the easiest, mess-free ways to transform those bright orange styrofoam pumpkins into trendy fall decor is this burlap pumpkin craft. All you need for this simple project is burlap, twine, buttons, and hot glue. Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover burlap pumpkins

Sweater Pumpkins

One of the most simple and mess-free ways to makeover a dollar tree carvable pumpkin. (Hint: don’t skip the first step of painting the entire pumpkin first so the orange doesn’t show through) Image Credit: Simply Beautiful by Angela
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover sweater pumpkins

Thrifty Antiqued Pumpkins

If farmhouse is your thing, you’ll love these antiqued pumpkins from DIY Beautify. Image Credit: DIY Beautify
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover farmhouse pumpkins

Fabric Tape Pumpkins

Another super easy Dollar Tree carvable foam pumpkin makeover that doesn’t involve multiple coats of paint. If you already have fabric tape, this one doesn’t have any extra cost! Image Credit: Mountain Modern Life
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover fabric tape pumpkins

Buffalo Check Pumpkins

This tutorial uses the Dollar Tree trick or treat pumpkins, but you could totally use the carvable foam pumpkins too! Image Credit: My Inspiration Corner
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover buffalo check pumpkins

Bandana Pumpkins

Want to bring a little bit of western flare to your Halloween decor? Try these super easy bandana pumpkins! Image Credit: Creatively Beth
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover bandana pumpkins

Rafia Wrapped Pumpkins

All you need is some rafia and hot glue to make these farmhouse inspired foam pumpkins! Image Credit: The Latina Next Door
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover rafia pumpkins

GLAM Faux Pumpkins

Push Pins

I love making push pin art on canvas, so I thought – why not try it out on the Dollar Tree foam pumpkins? You would never guess these gilded pumpkins are made from thumbtacks! This is one my favorite ways to celebrate fall with my students. Want more thumbtack crafts? Check out this post. Image Credit: Crafts by Courtney
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover push pin pumpkins

Star Sequin Pumpkin

This star sequin pumpkin is always a crowd pleaser with my students! All you need are some star sequins (or any other sequins) and some Beacon spray adhesive to make this fun & glamorous pumpkin!

Mercury Glass Pumpkin

Get the expensive, realistic look of mercury glass from this DIY dollar store craft! Image Credit: DIY Joy
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover mercury glass pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

The secret to these glitter pumpkins is applying a base coat of metallic spray paint before adding the glitter. This really makes them sparkle and is easy to do even with a larger pumpkin! Image Credit: Down Red Bud Drive
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover glitter pumpkins

Ombre Glitter Pumpkins 

Another way to glam up those Dollar Store pumpkins with some glitter. My personal favorite are the ombre glitter pumpkins! Image Credit: Aleenes
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover ombre glitter pumpkins

Mirrored Pumpkin

This glam dollar store craft uses a plastic tray for the mirrored effect. How creative is that?! If you love the look of this mirrored pumpkin, try out this fun mirrored jewelry holder tutorial! Image Credit: DIY Tutoriales y mucho más
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover mirrored pumpkins

Pearl Pumpkins

These gorgeous pearl pumpkins give off major princess vibes! You’d never guess they’re part of these dollar tree crafts. This tutorial uses a pumpkin from Michael’s because the bottom of the pumpkin is more flat, but it would work with dollar store pumpkins too! Image Credit: Hometalk
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover pearl pumpkins

Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet is having a moment right now… so why not add it to your Dollar Tree foam pumpkins! Grab some velvet ribbon, replace the green stem with a vintage knob, and you’ve got some trendy fall decor. Image Credit: Our Crafty Mom
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover velvet pumpkins

Hydrodipped Pumpkins

Do this fun painted faux pumpkin craft for less than $5! An easy way to make this your own is to change the color of the base coat or use something different for the pumpkin stem! If you love hydrodipping, check out this post on how to make some unique sneakers. Image Credit: The DIY Nuts
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover hydro dipped pumpkins

Modern & Unique Faux Pumpkins

Tie-Dye Pumpkins

Give your faux pumpkins a complete new look with this tie-dye pumpkin craft! This is a fun way to get your teens involved in making DIY pumpkins. Learn how to make these colorful mini pumpkins here. Image Credit: Lydi Out Loud
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover tie-dye pumpkins

Faux Concrete Pumpkins

A modern concrete finish is super popular right now – so why not bring that to your fall decor with your own DIY faux concrete foam pumpkins? This tutorial from Do Dodson Designs teaches you how to get the concrete effect at home using paint and flower. Image Credit: Do Dodsen Desings
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover faux concretepumpkins

Tattoo Pumpkin

Did you know you can print on your own tattoo paper at home? This quick and easy technique is a great way to transfer more complicated patters to your dollar store foam pumpkin. Image Credit: Heathered Nest
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover tattoo pumpkins

Dollar Tree Pumpkins Succulent Planter

Bring a little green to your fall decor with this DIY succulent planter. The best part – you can find all of these supplies at the Dollar Tree! Image Credit: The Latina Next Door
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover succuletn planter pumpkins

Porcelain Pumpkins

You would never know this gorgeous DIY faux pumpkin decor only takes about 10 minutes! Image Credit: The Navage Patch
dollar tree carvable pumpkin makeover porcelain pumpkins

Have Fun with a DIY Dollar Tree Carvable Pumpkin Makeover!

Whether you’re making some DIY Halloween decor, a farmhouse inspired Thanksgiving centerpiece, or a fun fall craft with your kids, I hope you found some inspiration for your DIY faux pumpkin project. Have fun & happy crafting!

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