37 Simple Dollar Tree Carvable Pumpkin Makeover Ideas

It’s that time of year again.. the Dollar Tree carvable pumpkins are about to hit the shelves! Are you ready to grab as many as you can to make some DIY fall decor and Halloween decor? I know I am! Last year I had so much fun decorating the Dollar Tree pumpkins with my class […]

Yarn Art: Easy DIY Pumpkin Pom Pom Craft for Halloween

Have you ever seen pom pom pumpkins? If not, you are in for a major treat! Last year I made different sizes of pom poms with my middle school craft students. Adding the pumpkin stems was the key to success for this DIY project. To make a pom-pom pumpkin, you will need some basic craft […]

65 Best Halloween Activities for High School Students

Celebrating Spooky Season Are you struggling to find Halloween activities that are exciting, engaging, and appropriate for high school students? Halloween time is an opportunity for older students to let loose, get creative, and have fun. It’s a time of year when imaginations run wild, and there’s a magical energy in the air. But as […]