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Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste Review for Shoes + More!

Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste Review for Shoes + More!

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen this Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste going viral for being a miracle cleaning product with natural ingredients. Non-toxic household cleaning products are all the rage these days. Move over white vinegar – this Pink Stuff Paste is about to steal the show with over 918 million views on TikTok! I originally bought this viral household cleaner to clean my oven, but when I saw it being used on TikTok for shoes I had to try it on my son’s white sneakers. Let me tell you, the name fits – this stuff really does work miracles! Look at how it transformed this pair of sneakers!
The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste makes dirty shoes look like new!

Trust me, you’re going to want to add the Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste to your cabinet of cleaning supplies. In this post I’ll share why this cream cleaner is a game changer for artists and crafters!

Frequently Asked Questions about the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste

What is the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste?

The “Pink Stuff” cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning paste for indoor and outdoor use that works on all kinds of stubborn stains. It’s actually been around since 1938 and is known for it’s natural ingredients and miracle cleaning power! The solution is bet known for it’s paste, but you can also get it as a spray.

Where can I find the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste?

No surprise here, you can find this viral cleaning product on Amazon! You can get one tub of the “Pink Stuff” for under $6 or you can get the popular “Miracle Scrubber Kit”. The kit includes two tubs of the Miracle Cleaning Paste, an electric scrubber tool, and four cleaning brush heads. I recommend grabbing the kit because once you try this stuff, you’re going to want to go on a cleaning spree through your whole house!

How does the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste Work?

The mild abrasive pink paste works as a surfactant to effortlessly scrub away tough stains from dirt, soap scum, grease, burnt-on food, and more.

What surfaces can I use the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste on?

While it’s all over social media for white shoe lovers, this multi-purpose paste cleaner can be used on most hard surfaces. Since it’s mildly abrasive, it’s best to test on a small patch on an inconspicuous area before cleaning an entire area.

What you CAN clean with the “Pink Stuff” Cleaning Paste

– Washing Machine – Kitchen Sink – Glass Stovetop – Stainless Steel – Oven Door – Glass Shower Doors – Metal Furniture – Outdoor Furniture – Ceramic Tiles – Leather Shoes (test first) – Soles of Shoes – White Trainers – and More!!

What you CAN’T clean with the “Pink Stuff” Cleaning Paste

– White Canvas Shoes (like white vans) – Suede Shoes – Soft Surfaces

Is the “Pink Stuff” Cleaner environmentally friendly?

Yes! According to the company, the “Pink Stuff” is known for being “cruelty-free, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible” with natural ingredients such as quartz, sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium carbonate (baking soda). You don’t have to worry about skin irritation.

Does the “Pink Stuff” Cleaner have a strong odor?

Nope! It has a mildly fruity scent that’s not overpowering like your typical all purpose cleaner.

How do I use the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste?

These directions apply to removing dark stains from pretty much any surface with the “Pink Stuff” paste.

Supplies You’ll Need

– Tub of the “Pink Stuff” Paste
– Soft cloth (my favorite is a microfiber cloth) – Old toothbrush – Warm water

(Friendly reminder to remove any loose dirt before starting the cleaning process to avoid scratching the surface)

1. Scoop a small amount off the cleaning paste out of the tub with a clean damp cloth or old toothbrush.

2. Scrub the paste gently in a circular motion on the surface you wish to clean. For tight or stubborn areas, an old toothbrush works best.

**TOP TIP: Let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping with a clean cloth so it can work it’s magic!**

3. Rinse your cloth with hot water and use it to remove the paste. Or, if you’re cleaning something easy to hold like a shoe, you can rinse directly in the sink!

4. Remove any leftover paste residue with clean water. Wipe with a clean dry cloth to avoid any streaks.

The Power of the “Pink Stuff” Paste for artists and crafters!

Your craft room cleaning routine just got a whole lot easier! With a tub of the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste you can clean all manner of stains and residue from paint, markers, oils, clay, glue, and more. The possibilities are really endless and this is such an easy way to keep your creative space squeaky clean! All you need is a tub of the “Pink Stuff”, a wet cloth, and a dry cloth. I’ve been searching for a cleaning product that works on the tough stains in my craft room for a long time and I’ve finally found one! Think of all the things you can clean with the Pink Paste:

– Craft table and chairs

– Paint brushes

– Rhinestone art tools

– Paint Stains

– Permanent Marker Stains

– Crayon Marks

– Stuck on Glue or Adhesive

– Dried Clay

Does the “Pink Stuff” Cleaning Paste really work miracles?

My first instinct when I saw this “miracle” cleaning product was to be a bit skeptical. But I have to say, after the first time of using the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste I was hooked. I haven’t found any stubborn stains that it hasn’t been able to easily remove. This is now one of my must-have household items.

This before and after speaks for itself – just call me the cleaning guru! I added some fresh laces to really make the shoes look brand new.

Next I might try it on my garden furniture and use it to clean grout.

Is the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste worth it?

My honest opinion? YES! Whether you’re an avid home cook scrubbing scorch marks off your prized pots and pans, a caffeine lover removing coffee stains from your coffee table, or a fan or squeaky clean white shoes, the “Pink Stuff” Miracle Cleaning Paste is 100% worth it and makes the cleaning process so much easier. The only thing it’s not great for is soft surfaces like couches or suede shoes. You’ll want to stick to a suede protector for those! For only $6 on Amazon, you won’t regret switching to this natural household cleaner!

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Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand by all of the products I use, I can receive a small commission from any products purchased via my affiliate links.