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35 Easy xTool Project Ideas for Beginner Laser Cut Projects

35 Easy xTool Project Ideas for Beginner Laser Cut Projects

35 xtool project ideas

I just got my first xTool machine and immediately started planning my first project with my new laser machine. I’ve used a Cricut machine for blade cutting for years, but laser cutting at home is new to me. And let me tell you, it is so much FUN! There are so many amazing projects you can make with the xTool, it’s hard to know where to start. In this blog post, we’re sharing 35 easy xTool project ideas for beginners. These easy xTool projects are the perfect way to master your laser-cutting machine in no time!

What is an xTool? 

xTool makes state-of-the-art laser cutters and craft machines that open up a world of possibilities for crafters and DIY enthusiasts. With its precision cutting capabilities and user-friendly interface, the xTool allows you to cut a variety of different materials, from wood and acrylic to fabric and paper. With features like air assist, rotary attachment, and a honeycomb panel for stability, the xTool is designed to help you achieve intricate detail without all the hassle. The final quality of xTool projects are so good that many small business owners sell their one-of-a-kind creations! So, whether you’re looking to create custom designs for your craft room, personalized gifts for special occasions, or intricate decorations to sell, the xTool can help.

xtool project ideas
xTool S1 Laser Cutting Machine

Which type of laser do I need?

A diode laser and CO2 laser are two common types of lasers used in laser cutting and engraving machines. The main difference between them lies in their laser sources. A diode laser utilizes semiconductor diodes to generate laser beams, while a CO2 laser uses a gas mixture, typically carbon dioxide, to produce the laser beam. Diode lasers are known for their compact size, energy efficiency, and suitability for small-scale applications. On the other hand, CO2 lasers offer higher power output, making them suitable for cutting and engraving thicker materials and achieving faster processing speeds. For DIY projects or even small business crafts, a diode laser should do the trick.

What’s the difference between the xTool machines? 

xTool offers five different series of machines: P, S, D, F, and M. Equipped with a powerful C02 laser, the P series is the most expensive and is intended more for commercial. The remaining four series are all great for hobby, small business, or side hustle use. Let’s break down the differences! 

xTool S Series 

The xTool S Series is an enclosed diode laser cutter. This gorgeous white machine is the perfect entry point for those wanting to start a side hustle with laser cutter crafts. With its compact size and user-friendly design, the xTool S series delivers precise cuts on a variety of materials, making it ideal for projects like wooden signs, custom designs, and homemade gifts. It’s also equipped with 3D Curve™ Engraving for cylindrical objects like tumblers. It comes in a 10W, 20W, or 40W power capacity depending on your needs.

xTool D Series

The xTool D Series is the most affordable xTool machine. This open diode laser can still cut a variety of different materials like wood, leather, and acrylic. It’s a great place to start for DIYers that want to make homemade gifts and decor. It comes in a 10W, 20W, or 40W power capacity depending on your needs.

xTool F Series

The xTool F Series is the first-ever portable laser machine with dual laser capabilities. It offers both a diode laser and infrared laser for laser engraving and personalization on the go. Because it’s handheld and portable, the xTool F1 is great for using at craft shows or other events. 

xTool M Series

The xTool M series is a 3-in-1 laser cutter, laser engraver, and blade cutter equipped with a diode laser that can cut a variety of materials including wood, leather, and acrylic. The enclosed design is preassembled and easy to use. It’s the perfect home crafting machine for those who need to cut both hard material and vinyl.

Which xTool machine should I get?

Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand by all of the products I use, I can receive a small commission from any products purchased via my affiliate links.

The type of laser cutting machine you get will depend on the type of projects you want to make. I have the xTool S1 machine and it works great for my DIY project needs. I don’t use my xTool to create projects that I sell, so that’s something you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing a machine.

What materials can I use with the xTool? 

The materials you can use with an xTool laser cutter depend on if you want to cut the material or engrave it. Each of the xTool models varies slightly, so make sure to check the material is compatible with your machine before starting your project. You can find a various materials suitable for use with the xTool laser cutter on xTool’s website.

Materials you can cut with an xTool laser cutter







Materials you can engrave with an xTool laser cutter 





Stainless steel











Plated metal

Painted metal

What can I make with an xTool machine? 

xTool’s design software is super easy to use, which means the possibilities for what you can make are honestly endless! You can make wooden signs, coasters, ornaments, jewelry, and more. Just upload your design into the xTool creative space, choose your material, select your cut settings, and watch the laser do it’s magic! If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, check out some of the xTool tutorials below. Whether you’re using a laser cutter for the first time or just looking for new ideas, I hope you find some inspiration in this list! Follow each link for the full tutorial.

35 Easy xTool Project Ideas for Beginner Laser Cut Projects

35 xtool project ideas

Engraved Wooden Picture Frame from Keeping it Simple

Engrave a wooden picture frame with a landmark and date of a special memory. Talk about a great gift!

Leather Patches on a Beanie from Keeping it Simple

Custom leather beanie patches are a great way to practice engraving on leather. 

Engraved Stone Coasters from Keeping it Simple

The xTool laser engraver is such a powerful tool that it can engrave stone coasters! This rock coaster would make a great addition to your coffee table. Check out the video tutorial to learn how to use the circle pin point positioning tool.

Wooden Valentines from Keeping it Simple

How cute are these homemade valentines that can be colored in? This tutorial even includes a free file! 

35 xtool project ideas

Personalized Wooden Puzzles from Keeping it Simple

My favorite thing about this project is that it takes a precious memory and turns it into an activity you can do together. So thoughtful!

Personalized Wooden Christmas Ornaments from Keeping it Simple

These personalized Christmas ornaments would make a great gift for neighbors and friends during the holidays.

Wooden Post-It Note Holder for Teacher from Keeping it Simple

Want to give your teacher something they’ll actually use? Check out this custom sticky note holder!

Engraved Handwriting Metal Necklace from Keeping it Simple

Learn how to turn handwriting into a one-of-a-kind keepsake with this xTool tutorial.

35 xtool project ideas

Best Ever Papa Sign for Father’s Day from Keeping it Simple

Melt Papa’s heart with this adorable DIY Father’s Day sign. Free project file included in this tutorial!

Wooden Rose for Mother’s Day from Keeping it Simple

How gorgeous is this wooden rose you can give your mom for Mother’ Day?

Engrave Tie Holder from Keeping it Simple

A personalized tie holder is one of those gifts that’s both thoughtful and practical. 

Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game from Keeping it Simple

Make a fun DIY Tic-Tac-Toe board game. This tutorial makes a Valentine’s Day themed game, but you can adapt it to any theme with different colors and shapes!

35 xtool project ideas

Engraved Friendship Bracelets from Pineapple Paper Co

Friendship bracelets are having a moment. Why not try to engrave your own custom beads?

DIY Layered Earrings from Mom Envy

I love the different designs in these layered earrings. Which ones are your favorite?

DIY Home Decor Sign from Simplify Create Inspire

If you want to make DIY home decor, the xTool is for you!

Baby Milestone Circles from Southern Adoornments Decor

These simple milestone circles are a great laser cut project to sell. 

35 xtool project ideas

Cork Trivet Trays from By Brittany Goldwyn

Learn how to make clean lines on cork in this tutorial.

Engraved Wooden Bookmarks from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Calling all book lovers! How fun are these custom bookmarks? 

Acrylic Earrings from By Brittany Goldwyn

I’m loving all the sparkle in these laser cut acrylic earrings. No need for an intricate design with those glam acrylics!

Name Puzzle from By Brittany Goldwyn

Make the little ones in your life feel special with a custom name puzzle. 

35 xtool project ideas

Stanley Cup Topper from Mom Envy 

Have you seen these Stanley cup toppers on social media? Now you can make your own!

Leather Bookmarks from The Quiet Grove

These leather bookmarks have such an old school feel – I love it!

Personalized Pencils from Slay at Home Mom

Send you kiddo to school in style with some personalized pencils, or gift to your favorite teacher!

Sublimation Blanks from Silhouette School

Want to start a sublimation business? Easily make sublimation blanks!

35 xtool project ideas

Personalized Wine Charms from Ruffles & Rain Boots

Surprise each guest with a personalized wine glass charm at your next wine night.

Personalized Cutting Board from First Day of Home

Personalized cutting boards are one of the most popular laser engraved products. The possibilities with this are endless!

Easy Custom Plant Markers from DIY Danielle

Upgrade your garden this summer with some DIY laser engraved plant and herb markers.

Engraved Dog Tag from Sustain My Craft Habit

Show your furry friends some love with a custom laser engraved pet tag!

35 xtool project ideas

Father’s Day Golf Box from Artsy Fartsy Mama 

Do the dads in your life like to golf? Then they’ll love this DIY Father’s Day golf box. 

Rainbow Fringe Earrings from A Country Girl’s Life

These rainbow fringe earrings are seriously too cute – I want to make them right now!

DIY Summer Welcome Sign from Mom Envy

Say hello to summer with this DIY welcome sign!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holder from Artsy Fartsy Mama 

Teachers get so many gift cards during the school year. This laser cut gift card holder is a great teacher appreciation gift!

35 xtool project ideas

Wooden Recipe Book from Artsy Fartsy Mama 

This wooden recipe book is so useful with measurement conversions engraved right on the cover. Now you don’t have to Google!

Crayon Name Sign for Teacher from Artsy Fartsy Mama 

Surprise your new teacher with this colorful laser cut crayon name sign.

Retro Keychain from Pineapple Paper Co.

Drive into summer vacation in style with this fun laser cut retro keychain!

The sky is the limit with what you can make with your xTool machine. With this powerful tool at your fingertips, the possibilities are honestly endless! If you still want more xTool project ideas, their website and YouTube channel have a ton of tutorials.

I hope you found some inspiration in this list of 35 Easy xTool Project Ideas for Beginner Laser Cut Projects. Want to learn how to make custom prints with the xTool screen printer? Check out this post!

FAQs About xTool Projects

What are some safety precautions to keep in mind when using xTool machines?

While xTool machines are designed with safety features, it’s essential to follow basic safety precautions when operating them. This includes wearing appropriate safety gear, such as goggles and gloves, ensuring proper ventilation in your workspace, and familiarizing yourself with the machine’s operation manual before use.

Can I monetize my xTool projects?

Yes, many xTool users monetize their projects by selling their creations online or at local craft fairs and markets. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with any legal requirements or regulations regarding selling handmade goods in your area.

How do I maintain my xTool machine?

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your xTool machine in optimal condition. This includes cleaning the machine regularly, checking and replacing consumable parts as needed, and ensuring proper calibration for accurate results. Refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions for your xTool machine model.

Can I upgrade my xTool machine?

xTool offers various upgrade options and accessories to enhance the capabilities of your machine, such as rotary attachments for engraving cylindrical objects or upgraded laser modules for increased power and precision. Check the xTool website or contact customer support for information on available upgrades for your specific machine model.

How much does an xTool machine cost?

The cost of an xTool machine varies depending on the model and specifications. Entry-level models may start at a few hundred dollars, while higher-end models with advanced features can range into the thousands. For specific pricing information, we recommend visiting the xTool website or contacting an authorized dealer.

Can I use third-party software with xTool machines?

Yes, xTool machines are compatible with various design software programs, allowing users to create and edit designs using their preferred tools. Additionally, xTool offers its proprietary design software, which is specifically tailored to work seamlessly with xTool machines. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, you’ll find a software solution that suits your needs.

Can I cut metal with xTool machines?

You can engrave metal with an xTool but you can’t cut it. The laser power and wavelength used in xTool machines are optimized for non-metal materials. Attempting to cut metal with an xTool machine can damage the machine and pose safety hazards. If you require metal cutting capabilities, it’s best to explore dedicated metal cutting solutions tailored to your specific needs.