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Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas from Michaels

Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas from Michaels

Handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas

So you want to make Father’s Day Crafts and you prefer to shop at Michael’s? Me, too! Kids love making handmade Father’s Day gifts for dad and Michaels has it all! Father’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by getting some great ideas at the Michaels stores.

While making a Father’s Day card is a great way for little kids to show the world that their dad rocks, I think there are lots of fun activities that move beyond just a card. Plus…my list isn’t just for little kids – I plan to make some of these for my own dad. And I am in my mid-40’s!

What’s better than homemade crafts? Make some fun crafts from the kids to celebrate dear old dad and make Father’s Day an extra special occasion. Need some ideas? Here’s a list of some of my all time favorite easy Father’s Day crafts to get the whole family making memories with their favorite craft supplies.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts

This is the best list with step-by-step instructions to show your dad that he’s the best dad ever!

  1. Shrinky Dink Notepad Keychain: This is a perfect Father’s Day gift because it is easy to make and small enough that he will keep it forever. I made this for my mom on Mother’s Day when I was a kid and she still has it. Imagine dad’s face when he sees your little note all tiny and pretty? Check out the tutorial for the shrinky dink notepad here.
Easy Father's Day Craft Ideas from Michaels
Shrinky dink notebook keychain

2. Marbled Ceramic Trinket Dish: Does your dad work a desk job? If so, skip the paper weight and make him a trinket dish instead. He can drop his keys and change in there each day and think about his beautiful children and their special day! Use shaving cream and liquitex inks to make a beautiful, marbled trinket dish. You can actually find lots of unglazed ceramic items at Michaels right now – so if a trinket dish doesn’t sound like your dad, I am sure there are other really good ones! For the full tutorial on the actual process, check it out here. And be sure to wear gloves!

3. Wiggly Eye Crafts: Everyone loves wiggly eyes. Michael’s stores have so many different sizes, shapes and colors. Kids and adults seem to love using them on art projects. I think you could make the Disco Cactus project and add wiggly eyes or…the yarn octopus is so much fun for an elementary school kid to make!

Easy Father's Day Craft Ideas from Michaels
Disco ball cactus craft

4. Mixed Media Collage: Here’s another fun activity, and it is a perfect craft for younger kids, too. Get a photo of dad and print it out on a laser printer. Add the picture or even a picture of someone from his favorite team and transfer the photo to a piece of paper to make this mixed media collage. Once the photo has transferred, your kids can add pencil lines, markers, paint, construction paper and more. You can cut out photos of your dad’s favorite sport or hobby (maybe he’s a grill master), and add those to the background. I made this example using Albert Einstein, but you could totally make one with your dad’s picture instead. You also could add pictures of the kids so he can hang it

collage made using Liquitex gel medium
Collage made using Liquitex gel medium

5. Pom Pom Keychain: Perhaps your dad won’t use this on his car keys, but this craft is perfect for a set of keys that he absolutely cannot lose. They sell the Clover Pom Pom makers at Michaels and I definitely recommend purchasing the multi pack to make this Father’s Day craft idea. For a full tutorial, I’ve outlined the steps right here.

how to use the clover pom pom maker
Make DIY pom poms with the clover pom pom maker

6. Heart Punch Crafts: If you’re heading to the craft store, be sure to pick up a heart punch. You can use the heart punch to make a variety of projects from cards to 3D collages. If your dad is a nature lover, perhaps you might want to grab a butterfly punch, too! Scroll to the bottom of this post for a tutorial on making punch art gifts.

Heart Punch Father's Day Craft Idea with Supplies from Michaels
Heart punch crafts are great for father’s day cards

7. Crayon Pencil Holder: Yes, another desk craft. The nice thing about this fun gift is that he can actually use it! And, think of his kids while he works. This DIY project doesn’t require much – just some crayons, rubber bands, glue and an old can (I used a Pringle’s can). Check out the full tutorial here.

8. Jim Dine Heart Art: Nothing says happy father’s day like some heart arts n crafts – yup, you heard me – hearts! For dad. Why? Because dads love hearts and they’re the universal symbol for love. Find some free time and make this in the kids craft room if you have one, because the sharpies are permanent and you won’t want marker on the kitchen table. You can also make it outdoors. Here’s the full tutorial.

9. Cork People: Can you make the whole family out of corks? Of course you can. And older kids love this kind gift. It is open ended and a fun way to celebrate your family without using craft sticks or free printables. The best part? You can make these using stuff you’ve already got around the house. Add little elements to give each one the personality of your family members. Maybe you’re a seasoned mom but your hair is always messy? Make some crazy hair using the fluffy stuff at Michaels. If your dad is the king of the grill, make a miniature apron and dress him up. Maybe your dad has a job where he has to look professional? Re-create his best suits using fabric scraps. Add googly eyes and glasses or whatever strikes your fancy. Glue them onto a plate or a tile and write a sweet message for dad. I especially love this project because it is open ended and super creative.

Easy Father's Day Craft Ideas from Michaels
Make a cork craft that looks just like Dad

10. Funny Painted Rocks: If you can’t find anything in your craft closet and you want to give your dad something other than monster hugs, head outside and look to nature. Pick up a bunch of rocks (flat, river rocks work best). Then head to your local michaels and grab some paint pens! Acrylic paint pens work best but the Sharpie oils are good, too. You can even paint the rocks with an old school brush, but kids have better control with paint pens. Be sure to protect your table – these are permanent. You can make them funny, but you can also write kind messages or write the names of different items in his garden (great way to identify different herbs).

Easy Father's Day Craft Ideas from Michaels rock face
Rock face

Whether you’ve got a creative dad, a silly dad, a serious dad or both, these Father’s Day ideas are sure to wow him! And he’s sure to hang on to these much longer than if you had colored in a free Father’s Day printable. Be creative, get messy and have fun! Oh, and be kind to your dad!

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Happy Crafting!

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