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Cork Crafts

Cork Crafts

Cork Crafts

Cork people are a wonderful winter craft and I absolutely love how open-ended this project is. Process art is so important for kids – it allows them to explore new materials in a creative, unstructured environment.

I have become quite the collector of wine and champagne corks. I am lucky to have a few wine-loving friends who drop them off at my house for me to use in art class. I love how the champagne corks look like little people and with New Year’s right around the corner, there is no better time to start collecting them.

I’ve done this project periodically throughout the years and I have to say, it is always a winning project for any age group (adults included)! Kids can get as elaborate as they want and somehow the end result always seems to be a cork person (or animal) with a TON of personality.

What you’ll Need:

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Googly eyes

Buttons, beads and/or any other odds or ends you can find

Sharpie marker or black pen

Wool for hair (you can also use cotton balls)

Scrap fabric or felt

Pipe cleaners

Cotton Balls

String (if you want to turn it into an ornament)

Here’s how we did it:

First, I sorted the corks according to shape (it is very rare that I have enough champagne corks to bring to my classes, so I bring a mixture). I also bring lots of scrap fabric (old t-shirts, etc) to be used for clothing. I had the kids glue on some clothing and then draw faces using pens and sharpies. Some also opted to use googly eyes. I used felting wool for the hair, but some kids also used cotton balls. I think the end result is amazing. What do you think?