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How To Clean Stains And Paint from A Utility Sink

How To Clean Stains And Paint from A Utility Sink

Clean Stains And Paint from A Utility Sink

You might remember that last summer my son went to a music festival and came home with his brand new shoes all covered in mud. I had seen someone try The Pink Stuff on Tik Tok and decided to give it a try. I was shocked by how easily the mud came out, and the shoes went right back to looking new again. So this time I decided to tackle my art and clean stains and paint from a utility sink.

If you’ve ever been in an art room, you’ll know what I am talking about. The art utility sink in my studio is out of control. Today I am going to test out the pink stuff to see if it works on this disgusting sink.

Clean Stains And Paint from A Utility Sink – Step by step

The first thing I did was to add the pink stuff to an abrasive sponge. You can use a putty knife to apply the pink stuff, but I just went ahead and dipped my scrubber right into the Pink stuff tub. 

Dip your scrubber right into The Pink Stuff tub

I have a large stainless steel sink and it is in dire need of a good cleaning. I’ve literally tried it all: Barkeepers friend, standard oven cleaner, Mr. Clean, soft scrub, lemon juice, dishwashing liquid, an industrial cleaning agent and more. I think home depot is cleared out. While some of the above products did work on small spots, they either had a toxic smell or were powder based which I do not love to inhale. So I was on a mission to find some new cleaning products and I wanted a non-toxic, cleaner product that I could use to fight stubborn stains and something that I could use for regular cleaning.

Introducing…The Pink stuff! Wow! I cannot believe the way it tackled the most stubborn stains. I decided to test it out on my sink and it worked wonders. I only cleaned half of my sink to show the difference and how incredible it turned out. We do not have a plastic utility sink, but I would assume that the Pink Stuff would work well on that, too. We have hard water here in Chicago, so I was worried that the cleaning process might create build up, but that did not happen. 

What you’ll need to clean paint stains from a utility sink:

  • The Pink Stuff
  • ​Abrasive scrubber like the scrub daddy
  • Lint free soft cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water

Here’s the approach that worked well to remove sink stains from the affected areas:

First I had to clear everything out of the way that I didn’t want washed inside the sink. I moved my paint brushes, empty water glasses, paint palettes and the particles and crumbs that were easily removable at the bottom of the utility sink. 

Remove all items from the sink

Next I applied a thick layer of The Pink Stuff and spread it across the entire surface of the laundry sink tub. I let it sit for 15-20 minutes until it looked a bit chalkier and dry. 

As part of the cleaning process I dipped my scrubber into warm clean water and began to scrub using a circular motion. I tried to stay in one area around the size of a large plate. This seemed to be an effective method. 

Scrub in a circular motion

After the first application of The Pink Stuff, I ran some hot water across the kitchen sink and watched as the stainless steel began to shine again. 

Rinse with hot water and repeat on all dirty areas!

Next I repeated the process in another area. Again, The Pink Stuff worked its magic and the sink looked sparkly and clean! I kept going until the entire sink was sparkling like the top of the Chrysler building!

Tips and tricks for cleaning a utility sink

1. I first tried using the electric pink stuff scrub brush. It is similar to an electric toothbrush but with multiple heads and attachments. Unfortunately, it was not abrasive enough and didn’t quite work to remove the grime. I had to use a lot more elbow grease so the scrub daddy worked best. If you do not have a scrubber, I would recommend either using a metal scrubber pad, steel wool pads, or a Scotchbrite pad.

2. The Pink Stuff is similar to an abrasive scouring powder that’s been mixed with something liquid to form a putty. Because of this; a little bit goes a long way. 

3. After using the Pink Stuff to clean the sink, I filled the sink with some mild soap solution to make it super sparkly. However, I didn’t use the dish soap on one specific part and The Pink Stuff did not leave any soap scum. I finished used a lint-free rag since it acted as a perfect wipe surface for this particular purpose. 

4. The Pink Stuff did not have any odor. I did find that a commercial sink cleaner did work well, but the smell was too toxic for me without ventilation.

5. I am not sure if this process for cleaning the utility sink would work on a cast iron sink. I would check with your sink manufactured before testing this out on a fancy kitchen sink!

6. My previous home did not have a utility sink and although this isn’t about cleaning, I’d like to add my two cents and say that having a utility sink in either your basement, kitchen & bathroom or mudroom is priceless. It is such a luxury to have a large sink to make a mess without interfering with dishes and food. My sink used to be in the laundry room, but last year I moved it to the basement to be near my art studio. I love having it down there, but it would have also been convenient to have one next to my washing machine. Just saying…

7. The timing for cleaning your utility sink will be dependent upon several factors such as the overall size of the sink, the surface of your utility sink, how often you schedule regular maintenance and cleaning and how much time you want to spend on the process.

Anyway, I absolutely love The Pink Stuff and they do not pay me to say this! Just a big fan with lots of dirty surfaces! Check out this post if you want to see more Pink Stuff stuff!