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Make Your Own Bandana Pillow In A Few Easy Steps

Make Your Own Bandana Pillow In A Few Easy Steps

Bandana Pillow

Ready to add a pop of personality to your space? Crafting a bandana pillow is a great way to do just that! These beautiful indoor pillows bring a unique twist to any room, combining comfort with your unique style. Whether you’re looking to represent your college with a school logo or just want a strategically placed accent that screams “you,” bandana pillow covers are the way to go.

We’ll guide you through choosing the right pillow insert, soft polyester fiber covering material, and various sizes to create a statement piece perfect for long afternoon naps. Let’s get started on transforming your living space with some stylish flair!

What you’ll need to make a Bandana pillow

  • Bandanas or other soft cloth
  • Square template
  • Stuffing or pillow insert
  • Scissors

What kind of fabric can I use to make a Bandana pillow?

When making your bandana pillow, the traditional choice is, of course, a bandana, known for its durable and colorful cotton covering. However, this craft is wonderfully versatile, allowing you to use most fabrics that fit your personal aesthetic or functionality needs. Whether you’re looking for a soft cloth to cuddle during long afternoon naps or a polyester pillow fabric that’s easy to maintain, the options are nearly limitless.

You can even visit a t-shirt store to find unique prints that reflect your own unique style. We’re using a light blue bandana in this tutorial but a white bandana pillow would look great too! Or why not try using some custom clothing or even stadium clothing to show off some team spirit? Remember, the key is choosing a fabric that not only looks great but also holds up well as a pillow cover. 

What kind of stuffing can I use to make a Bandana pillow?

For your bandana pillow, you have a couple of excellent choices for stuffing that ensure comfort and durability. While we are using soft polyester fiber to stuff our pillows, providing a plush feel ideal for relaxation, you can also opt for a pillow insert if you prefer a quicker solution or a specific shape. Pillow inserts come in various sizes and are often filled with polyester fiber fill, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a shape-retaining polyester insert that keeps the pillow looking full and inviting. Whether you choose loose fiber for a custom fill or a shape-retaining insert, either option will help create a cozy and beautiful indoor pillow.

What size is a Bandana pillow?

A typical bandana will make about a 20 inch bandana pillow. If you’d like your pillow to be larger or smaller, you’ll need to cut your fabric to a different size.

How to make your own Bandana pillow

1. Lay one bandana on the table.

2. Take your square template and place it on one corner of the bandana. Use this as a guide. Cut around the template to remove the corners. Repeat in the other 3 corners of this bandana and then on the four corners of the second banana for your pillow.

Cut off the corners of the bandana

3. Place your two bandanas together. Keeping your bandanas lined up, carefully start cutting through both to form fringes. The fringes should be spaced about an inch apart and will form between 7-8 fringes on each side of the bandana. The fringes should be around 4.5” in height (use your ruler as a guide). Carefully  continue cutting one inch fringes on all four sides.

Cut pieces of fringe

4. Keeping the bandanas lined up, take a fringe from the bottom bandana and tie it to the top bandana fringe. You can tie it twice to make sure it stays tight.

Tie each layer together

5. Move onto the next two fringes and tie those together, too. Keep going. Tie all of the fringes together on three sides ONLY.

Stop after tying 3 sides

6. Use all of the stuffing that will fit inside the pillow. Keep packing in the stuffing until there is no room for more.

Stuff the pillow as full as you can

7. After stuffing, continue to tie the final side of the pillow. Use the same tying method by lining up and tying the fringes together.

Tie the final side to finish your pillow

Enjoy your pillow! Don’t underestimate these room accents – a couple of these fun bandana pillows can transform a whole room.

​Caring for your Bandana pillow

Bandana pillows are not machine washable because of the way they’re tied. They shouldn’t get too dirty if you use them as statement pieces, but they can always be wiped off with a damp cloth. If you’d like to be able to toss your decorative throw pillows in the washer, you’ll need to use a machine-washable case with a hidden zipper instead of tying the fabric together. You can easily find a removable cover on Amazon!

​Happy Crafting! Want to make more DIY home decor? Try making a DIY infinity mirror!