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DIY Leaf Relief

DIY Leaf Relief

DIY Leaf Relief

Whether you like it or not, Fall is right around the corner. It is almost time for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy evenings with a plush blanket. It’s also a perfect time to learn something new! With less time outside, you’re going to need some screen free activities. Here are some fun Fall projects ideas!



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  • Go outside and find some leaves. Try to find different shapes and sizes
  • Add a thin layer of glue to the board or cardboard
  • Glue the leaves down with the bumpier side face up
  • Add a thin layer of glue on top of the leaves. Use a foam brush or q-tip to spread it thin
  • Place the foil on top of the leaves. Using the meat of your finger, gently press the foil onto the leave. Do not use your nails or the foil will tear
  • Once the foil is completely flat and resting on the boards, trim around 1” on all sides
  • Fold the remaining foil under and tape it down on the backside
  • Using the side of the sharpie (do not use the sharpie point directly down or the foil may tear)
  • Color the leaves using your sharpie
  • Frame or place on an easel to display
Go and find some leaves outside
Make sure they are bumpy side up
Glue the leaves to your board
lay down the foil
trim 1” around the perimeter
fold foil along the back
Begin using sharpie. Do not press too hard.

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