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Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkeys
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Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkeys

Chocolate Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkeys using Oreos!

Chocolate Thanksgiving Oreo Dessert!

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate turkey on Thanksgiving?! Chocolate Turkeys for Thanksgiving using Oreos are both easy and fun. Plus, chocolate Oreo turkeys make the perfect Thanksgiving chocolate dessert. You can make your Oreos chocolate covered or just keep them plain – your choice! If you’re wondering how to make chocolate turkeys with Oreos for Thanksgiving – this recipe is for you! 

I started making these chocolate turkeys with my kids when they were 2 and 4 years old. These days if I can get anyone to anything with me, I grab the opportunity. Over the years, these have become a staple at our Thanksgiving table and…I thought you might enjoy making these with your family, too. Because…everyone of any age loves them! Want step by step instructions? I’ve mapped it out below.

We always make the chocolate turkeys with Oreos and leftover Halloween candy and the amazing thing is that each and every turkey seems to have its own personality! You will know what I mean once you make them!

Chocolate Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Chocolate Turkey Recipe

To make chocolate Oreo Thanksgiving turkeys, you will need:

  1. Double stuffed oreos (regular Oreos do not work)! 1 package will make you about 10-15 turkeys depending on how many break
  2. Frosting – chocolate looks better, but use what you have at home
  3. Candy corn
  4. Rolos or miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  5. Hershey Kisses
  6. Twizzlers or Swedish Fish
  7. Toothpicks – these come in handy for spreading the frosting
  8. Candy eyes
  9. Sharp knife


Chocolate Turkeys made with Oreos for Thanksgiving

These chocolate turkeys made with Oreos are the best way to eat Turkey (can you tell that I am not a turkey person)? My dad loves to make this with my kids and my husband’s grandfather thinks these chocolate turkeys are the absolute best! My kids beg us to put some Oreo turkeys aside for them so no one gobbles them all up! We make them every year and we hope you will make these chocolate turkeys part of your Thanksgiving this year!

Chocolate Turkey Oreo Recipe

What are chocolate turkeys using Oreos? They are an amazing Thanksgiving dessert that uses up all the Halloween candy and they’re delicious. Who doesn’t love chocolate turkeys made with Oreos? I haven’t met anyone yet!

I love making the same chocolate turkey dessert every year with my kids because the tradition becomes a ritual and that is something very special for kids.

The best part? If you break any of your Oreos or any candy, you get to eat it…mmmmm! Can you tell how much I love these chocolate Oreo turkeys?!

Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 1:

 Cut off ⅓ of the Oreo. Do this for only half of your double stuffed Oreos. Some will likely break – do not worry!


Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 2:

 Using your toothpick, spread some frosting on the round edge of your cookie. Stuff candy corn into the frosting. Hold the cookie on both sides to prevent the cookie from breaking. This is why having double stuffed Oreos makes a big difference! If the Oreo does break, simply use frosting to “glue” it back together again



Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 3:

Frost the flat edge of your Oreo and press it to the whole Oreo. Put the flat side of the Oreo to the back of the Oreo to make a “chair.”


Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 4:

Frost the bottom of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and press into the Oreo. Extra tip: If you freeze the peanut butter cups and kisses ahead of the project, the chocolate won’t melt as easily.

Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 5:

Frost the back of the Hershey’s kiss and press it  above the peanut butter cup, to the backside of the “chair.”


Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 6: 

Cut off the tail of the Swedish Fish and frost it. Press it under the kiss.

Chocolate Turkey Oreos Step 7:

Frost the eyes and stick them on!


These Chocolate Oreos should last about a week. I usually keep them in a Tupperware container so that they do not get stale. But the nice thing is that you can totally make these Chocolate Turkeys way ahead of Thanksgiving!

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Disclaimer* I do ocassionally make a small commission from items I recommend.

Almost too pretty to eat them!
My dad making these with my daughter

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