Bedazzled Crocs

How to Make Custom Bedazzled Bling Crocs – DIY 

My niece turned eight and she asked me to design a custom pair of bedazzled crocs for her to wear all summer long. At first, the task seemed easy enough – add rhinestones with some glue and then she could add croc charms (I bought on Amazon with free shipping). I set out to find […]

best rhinestone glue

Rhinestone Art: How to Use a Wax Pencil Picker Tool

  Bedazzling is so much fun. Especially when you have the proper tools! Whether you’re picking up rhinestones to embellish natural nails or you want to add some bling to your clothing, having a wax tip pencil is a total game changer. I’ve tested and tried out several wax applicators and I’ve used them for […]

DIY Custom Bedazzled Tumbler Rhinestone Tutorial

Who hasn’t switched their plastic water bottles for stainless steel tumblers by now? They’re a convenient and eco-friendly way to provide a steady stream of caffeine or a refreshing sip of your favorite cold beverages. But wait, what if I told you that your tumbler could be more than just a cup for your daily […]

The Best Rhinestone Glue (Top glues to use in 2023)

So you want to get started with bedazzling, but you’re now sure which rhinestone glue is best? Do not worry…I’ll “stick” it to you! When it comes to adding rhinestones, there are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right adhesive or glue. Some questions to ask before getting started are: I […]