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Father’s Day Projects for “Pop” Art

Spring is finally here—which means Father’s Day is right around the corner! And what

better than a homemade, DIY art project to celebrate dear old dad? Here’s a list of some

of my favorite Father’s Day craft ideas (and yes, some are from Art Beat Box to make

your life a smidge easier!). Best of all, your kids can even include dad in the creative


Kim’s Top Father’s Day Projects for “Pop” Art:

A Family Painting:

No, not a family portrait—literally, painting with the family! This DIY gift is the perfect way

to bond as a family—and get your hands super dirty while you’re at it. Dad can even hang

the finished art in his office.

A Dad Collage:

Grab some old magazines, scissors, and glue stick—and kids can create frameable,

personalized piece of art, totally dedicated to, and about, their father.

DIY Tie Rack:

Sure, lots of people give ties for Father’s Day. But where will Dad put them all? Here’s a fun,

simple DIY tie rack your children can make. Be sure to add some flair with paint or stickers!

Tie-Dye Ties:

For those who do want to give the man of the house a tie, considering tie-dying one! Our Studio

Art Beat Box tie dye box comes with all the materials necessary to create a memorable Father’s

Day gift…all you need is the tie!

Sports Lover Canvas Art:

Got a sports fanatic in your home? If so, here’s a fun project. We supply all the

supplies—you supply the creativity and love.

Homemade Shaving Cream:

Yeah, beards are totally in these days, but that doesn’t mean Dad couldn’t use a good shave

now and then. Here is a Father’s Day activity that is fun to create—and smells great, too!


Make-Your-Own Coasters:

Raise a glass to Dad—then place it on one of these personalized coasters.


DIY Drink Koozie:

Trust me when I say: every time Dad picks up his drink, he’ll think of his kids! This fun Father’s

Day craft is easy, creative & will get lots of use.


Selfie Scrapbook:

If there’s one thing kids are good at, it’s taking selfies. So, harness that talent and help

your kids make a fun scrapbook comprised of close-ups with Dad. It might be one of the

few times you ask them to pick up their phones instead of putting them down.

No matter what you and your kids create this Father’s Day, it’s sure to be unique and

special. After all, it’s not just about making art, but making memories.

Happy Summer!

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