Kim is a self-proclaimed art supply junkie and craft lover. She is a right-brained creative. She noticed that people in her community often asked her for advice about what supplies they might need to make art on their own. Kim spent years running a custom jewelry design business and was determined to create a solution for anyone to make functional art at home. She knows that when the supplies are high quality and the instructions are simple, the possibilities are endless. Kim is a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Master’s of Art in Education and has been teaching for 19 years. Every project is tested with students in Kim's art classes.


Randi loves to build businesses and teams. She brings people together and knows how to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams. Randi is a left-brained business woman who worked at Deloitte, Havas, GrubHub and has helped to launch several successful start-ups. She also loves to tie dye clothing for her niece.


Kim and Randi both grew up in New York and both live in Chicago. Kim fell in love with the idea of a unisex, custom art kit for tweens through adults and knew that Randi would be the perfect yin to her yang. After years of planning, they finally brought the dream to life. We hope you love the Art Beat Box as much as we do!