clay flower mirror
clay flower mirror

Viral TikTok air dry clay flower mirror

I am sure you’ve seen those viral clay flower mirrors on tik tok. If you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat because these are…beautiful. And with a few basic supplies, you, too can have an air-dry clay round mirror to add to your home decor.

Trust me…this one is beyond fun and easy! I did this with my third/fourth graders and they absolutely loved making them! I wish I knew who came up with this first…it is such a great idea!

People have been asking if you have to use air-dry clay for this project. My opinion is that air dry clay dries so much lighter than say, polymer clay. So…in short, I would definitely recommend that you use air dry clay.

colorful air dry clay flowers surrounding a round mirror
Air dry clay mirror

What craft supplies do you need to make an air dry clay mirror?

  • air-dry clay (see above for why I think this is best)
  • plain mirror (any old mirror works and any shape)
  • E6000 glue (unfortunately I have found that hot glue does not work as well as this adhesive)
  • plastic bag or plastic tray
  • measuring spoons

How do you make the viral Tik Tok flower mirror?

Don’t you worry – I will walk you through each and every step to make your mirror beautiful! You’ll want to start by making the clay flowers. When making the diy flower mirror, I think it is nice to have larger blooms mixed with smaller blooms.

There are many different ways to make this, so perhaps start with a few extra mirrors just in case you want to make a whole bunch. These happen to make incredible gifts! Also…if you don’t have any old mirrors laying around, feel free to to make this into just a flower frame for photos. The possibilities are endless!

Step by Step how to make the air dry clay mirror:

budget-friendly way to make clay flowers using measuring spoons
Stuffing the air dry clay into a measuring cup makes the process much easier!


Here’s how its done:

  1. Using a measuring spoon, stuff the air dry clay into the measuring spoon and level off just like you might do with baking. The goal is to make 6 balls the same size. I like to start with two contrasting clay colors and I only open two packages of clay. If you open too much clay, it can dry out and then you will need to buy more which is expensive and frustrating! Let’s keep this project as low frustration as possible.
  2. Once you’ve got 12 clay spheres, begin to form your flower. Start with the center sphere and gently place the contrasting color clay spheres around the middle. Use the palms of your hand to gently squeeze them together. Place them on a plastic bag to dry.
  3. Continue until you’ve made a whole bunch of clay flowers. I prefer to make a combination of small and large flowers. I use the small flowers as a filler flower when I have an extra gap or a small hole to fill.
  4. Let dry for 24-36 hours or more. After one day, you might want to flip the clay upside down so that the backside is fully dry by the time you get started on the actual new mirror you’re about to create! If you live in a more humid climate, you might need to let your clay dry a little bit longer. I found putting it outside in the sun for a few hours really sped things along!
  5. Once the clay flowers are fully dry to the touch, it is time to begin gluing these to the mirror. You’ll want to put a little glob of E6000 glue on the back of each petal and then press them onto your frame. You do not need to tape off the mirror using painter’s tape unless you are concerned about glue dripping. Just be as careful as possible. The E6000 should cure in 24 hours and will strengthen in the days after.
  6. Now it’s time to hang your mirror! Display it proudly – this is a great budget-friendly way to make a beautiful piece of home decor.
purple clay flower petals surround a blue air-dry clay center
Gently push the clay flower together
diy mirror frame idea using clay flowers to surround a plain mirror
When you use the measuring spoons, the clay spheres come out a uniform size.


You can make your clay mirror all one color, multi-colored. Heck, you can even add glitter or rhinestones. You can make it into a beach-inspired decoration or leaves for Fall decorations. It is up to you how you want to do this – just remember to have fun while you’re crafting! That, my friends, is the most important!

Do you want more diy mirror frame ideas? I also made this one using recycled magazines. Want an easy craft? Check out this balloon flip flop tutorial!

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