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Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

2022 Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens
Gift guide for teens and tweens
The 2022 Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, but the holidays are creeping up on all of us, so it’s good to start shopping for gifts for teens and tweens right now! We all know how challenging it is to buy gifts for teens and tweens and this is why I created this just for you! 2022 brings more hope and excitement than the last few years because things are feeling very normal! Are you ready to head into shopping season? Ready or not…it’s coming!

It’s never too early to get a head start and begin shopping for the young adults in your life. Holiday gift guides are my absolute favorite, and teens and tweens are the demographic I know best right now. Plus, they’re extra hard to shop for because no one really understands how the teenage brain operates. Who else agrees?!

I’ve been working with creative teens and tweens in my art classes for over 20 years and aside from making lots of observations, the kids talk all the time about what they like, what they want and what they already have. I also get to hear their thoughts on a lot of other stuff! Plus…I happen to live with two teenagers (wish me luck, right)?! So…I do feel somewhat qualified to introduce these gifts for teens and tweens.

These are the gifts for teens and tweens that popped up in my classes and in my house over and over again. I hope these holiday gifts help you to find gifts for those hard-to-shop-for teenagers so that they can get exactly what they want. I’ve also tried to include items in every price range – from stocking stuffers to big ticket items.

Whether your teen is fashionable, artsy, a homebody or all of the above, we’ve got some fun shopping for you to add to your list this holiday season. I’ve broken down the gifts into categories to make life just a little bit easier – but feel free to shop for your teens and tweens from any of these categories!


Gift guide for creative teens and tweens
Gift Guide for Creative Teens and Tweens

*Disclaimer: I do occasionally receive a small commission from purchases made through affiliate links.

Obviously, I always recommend art supplies as gifts for teens and tweens, but there are lots of other products your teens will surely love. Here are just a few to get started with!

  1. Sculpey – The BEST clay for getting started with many many projects. I absolutely love using Sculpey with all of my classes. The kids love how many different projects they can complete with just a small amount. Get started with this beginner kit – it has everything you’ll need and more! I cannot believe that these kids never get tired of working with Sculpey!
  2. ProcreateHere is a good beginner’s guide to get started with Procreate. The app can be purchased in the app store on an ipad only.
  3. Sticker Maker – Once they master procreate, they can make their designs into water bottle stickers! If they’re not into making their own stickers, you can always order
  1. Cricut – Everyone loves the Cricut maker. Let your child create and start their own creative business. With the Cricut you can make t-shirts, water bottles, cut leather, acetate and much more! This is the gift they will keep forever.
  2. Sketchbook Blick is my absolute favorite art supply store and I love that they have colorful sketchbooks!
  3. Bead kits – Do your kids want to make their own jewelry? These are great starter kits.
  1. Sharpies I know that Sharpie brand permanent markers are banned in a lot of homes, but under the right conditions, these can be incredible. I use them all of the time for art projects, poster making, Sharpie tie dye and more. Kids love the privilege of using Sharpies. Pro Tip: hand sanitizer removes Sharpie from tables.
  2. Posca markers – these are definitely more expensive than your run of the mill paint pen, but you will not be disappointed!
  3. Stylus pen knockoff – both of my kids own this and it is just like the apple pencil but wayyyy less expensive! If they lose it, no guilt attached!
  4. Butterfly hole punch – every time I pull these out in my class, the kids go crazy for them! Teens can make collages, gifts, decor and more!
  5. Maddie Ziegler Makeup Palette – I know this could also live on the fashionista list, but I truly think applying makeup is an act of creativity!
  6. Angelus Leather Paints – If you have a kid interested in making custom kicks or painting on denim…these are BEST paints for that!
  7. Sproket photo printer- yes, I know, your phone has a camera. But teens love printing out their photos to hang on their walls. Having printed images will allow teens to make collages and mood boards!


Gift Guide for the Teen and Tween Homebody
Gift Guide for the Teen & Tween Homebody

Everyone loves a day or two on the couch or time at home. Even after 20 months of Covid, I still savor my nights in. Here are some great gifts for teens and tweens who love to stay in sometimes.

  1. Happy Face Slippers – Someone bought these for me and my 13 year old daughter immediately asked to steal them. I, of course, said “no.”
  2. Neon Signs – Neon signs are so cool and finally they can be found right on Amazon. These instantly make incredible Tik Tok backdrops.
  3. Lips Pillow – Teens spend tons of time in their rooms FaceTiming their friends. Why not set them up with a cool backdrop?
  4. For Keepsies – I am SO in love with this company. The owner, Joyce Fox, takes old t-shirts and makes them into stunning blankets and pillows. It kills two birds with one stone – declutter your child’s shirts and create a meaningful keepsake.
  5. Star Light – My daughter is obsessed with this light and cannot fall asleep without it. Plus..they’ll be sure to take them to college!
  6. Snuggie – ok so these are definitely not the most flattering but…when you just can’t warm up in the mornings, these are so easy to slip on. I may or may not steal my kids’ all the time!
  7. Pet pillow – My teens think these are hilarious! And guess what?! You can use any photograph so if you do not have a pet, perhaps you want to make your teen a pillow with a picture of their parents. I am sure they would like that. Just kidding…definitely do not do that.
  8. Popcorn popper – I don’t know about you, but my kids are OBSESSED with this popcorn popper – it is so easy and avoids using harsh chemicals found in microwave popcorn!


Gift Guide for the adventurous teen and tween
Gift Guide for the adventurous teen and tween

Camp, vacations, travel? If you’ve got a teen or a tween who loves to get out, these are amazing gifts that they’ll be sure to use for years and years.

  1. Joy Rebellion overnight bag – This is a local company and all of the bags are one of a kind and made to order. Plus, her Insta stories are the best.
  1. Crazy creek chairs – If your kid is going to camp this summer, this is a must have item! It’s light and comfortable and makes sitting outside on the grass a lot more comfortable.
  1. Oculus – wish this was a thing when I was a kid! These are definitely a splurge but they also make a great gift for people to chip in for. And according to my daughter, adults seem to love them, too!
  2. Pickle Ball set – if you have a flat surface, set up a game on the go! I might bring this on our next vacation since I really want to learn. Maybe if I buy it…I will try it?!
  1. Stitched hat – I know I am recommending these for teens and tweens, but I wear mine all winter long and I love the added pops of color. Plus, this local business sells their hats to Denny’s (the clothing store that I grew up going to in NY).
  1. Electric scooter In all fairness, my daughter has been begging for one of these and I can’t get myself to spend this kind of money, but she is saving up to buy it for herself. That being said, it has been spotted by many older kids and teenagers in my neighborhood and the kids all seem to really love riding on it!
  1. Apple watch Full disclosure; my kids do not own Apple Watches. But I absolutely love mine and in an ideal universe, I wish kids had Apple Watches only instead of phones. I love that I can just go for a walk with my dog and not have to bring my phone with me – it feels like magic!
  2. The new water bottle for 2022 is…the Stanley cup – and no, it is not the hockey one! It’s the let’s stay hydrated one. They’re available in all colors and will keep your beverages cold for 11 hours!
  1. Hydro flask with straw attachment – These are very much still a thing. I also happen to love that the teens/tweens add their own stickers to make them unique. Aren’t kids amazing?
  2. Concert tickets – my daughter missed Harry Styles so she is begging to go to Taylor Swift. Once those tickets come out…I am on it! I am not yet sure when or where we will be able to get the tickets, but I am here to tell you that your kids will thank you for these!
  3. These fanny packs are colorful so obviously I love them! Lots of teenage girls also love the fanny packs from Lulu.
  4. If you love to travel, everyone loves Stoney Clover…and I love that they were started by two teenagers from Long Island! Their cosmetics bags are a wonderful gift! The classic duffles can be customized with patches!


Gift Guide for the Fashion Loving Teen and tween
Gift Guide for the Fashion Loving Teen and tween


30. Waffle Shirts – These are a hit with the teen and tween crowd. They’re cozy, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. They come in tons of colors and patterns.

31. Sports Jerseys and jersey t-shirts are always a good idea!

32. Paper clip necklaces – I bought one of these for myself and my daughter stole it. That is a sign! And she gets lots of compliments on them.

33. Beach Waver – My daughter saved up her babysitting money and bought this and it creates easy and fast beach waves. Plus…it was invented by a local woman!

34. Dye Girl sweatshirt – I am OBSESSED with this colorful sweatshirt and have it at the top of my gift list for my daughter (I am totally stealing it)!

35. Mental health sweatshirts – the one thing I love about this generation is how much they promote mental health. And if you need a sweatshirt that reminds yourself to stop overthinking…I am all over it!

36. Claw Clips – The 90’s are back and this means giant hair clips. Do you think banana clips will ever come back?

37. Mornings Optional Custom Uggs- I love these shoes and they’re perfect for anyone that likes to put their own unique twist on things. Each item is one of a kind and made to order.

38. My son loves all things Hollister. T-shirts, sweatshirts…you cannot go wrong buying these for teens boys. Or girls!

39. Jordans or Dunks – Everywhere I look, teens and tweens are wearing Nike’s. Finally, high heels are out the window and these are the new party shoes! I linked a few pairs, but they come in tons of colors!

40.  Custom Converse – the new Converse site is outstanding! Everywhere I look, teens are heading back to the basics with some old school kicks. And I for one am loving that these are back! Plus…they have a style that makes you taller! Wish those existed when I was in high school!

41.  Plain sweats – These are talentless brand but lately teen boys and girls are loving the plain sweats – no logo, no tags. My son loves the soft gap ones…but I am sure the ones at Forever 21 are just as cozy.

42. Sherpa – Free People makes a cool one but they’re often out of stock.

43. Colorful pants – Harry Styles must have had a say in this one…but either way I am loving this style! And the best part? They’re super high rise.

44. Vest – Yup…lots of vest girls around…These definitely serve a purpose when the weather is confusing.

45. Puffer – These are great for those cold mornings spent waiting for the bus. They’re also super lightweight and stuff easily into lockers and backpacks.

46. Tennis skirts – these are all the rage these days! And at this price, you’ll want to grab a few colors!

47. Dior lip oil – These are both hydrating and have color. But not too much which makes them great for teens.

48. Milk face highlighter – these are great for that dewey look everyone is trying to achieve. Extra bonus? They photography really well!

49. Makeup by Mario face stick. We tried them out in the store and absolutely loved the dusty rose color. The best part? They have a built in brush on the opposite end. Genius.

50. Aritzia, Zara and Pac Sun are great places to get a gift card because they sell so many styles that teens love!