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DIY Tutorial Easy Canvas Banners to Make for the Wall

DIY Tutorial Easy Canvas Banners to Make for the Wall

how to make a diy canvas banner

DIY Tutorial Easy Canvas Banners to Make for the Wall

One of my all time favorite projects to do with my classes is to make a custom canvas banner. Kids and adults alike love making handmade gifts and what better gift to give than a custom fabric banner?!

This is the best project to do to celebrate different holidays or just to display your favorite quote. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over social media and believe it or not, these are super simple to make! And they make a great gift! They are also super cool in a dorm room!

how to make a diy canvas banner

What you’ll need to make a custom canvas banner

Canvas banner

Felt or Heat Transfer Vinyl (iron-on vinyl) or scrap fabric



Cricut (optional) or Silhouette Cameo

Sticker material or vinyl

Needle and Thread (if you decide to sew)

Permanent markers

How to make a canvas banner

While I’ve done these in my middle grades classes and my teen classes, each year I learn a new tip or trick. Over the course of several subsequent years, you’ll perfect the craft with new creative ideas. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is to not do a mini banner with kids – cutting small areas is a real challenge for them!

  1. For best results you’ll want to make a template (rough draft) using paper. Trace the banner shape onto a piece of paper and begin brainstorming your design. 
  2. The first thing you’ll do is to plan out your design on the paper using markers. Planning out the project minimizes mistakes. Try to make each letter the size you will want it to be on the actual banner. Organize your colors so you know which ones you want to use.

    how to make a diy canvas banner
    Organize your colors and choose the ones you want to use
  3. Once you’ve got a plan, you’ll want to start preparing your design to be cut. If you do not have a Cricut, you’ll want an alphabet template. You can also use alphabet stickers. One mistake I made was to have the students trace stencils onto the felt with permanent marker. The marker always shows on the felt and doesn’t look great. I’ve learned that printing out stickers with the words and phrases makes the cutting much easier. Tracing is challenging for kids, so using stickers makes life easy. 

  4. Add the letter stickers to the felt. Each letter sticker goes on a different color felt or you can do all one color.

    how to make a diy canvas banner
    Place the letter sticker on the felt
  5. Cut around the felt.

    how to make a diy canvas banner
    Cut the felt around the sticker
  6. Once all of the letters are cut out, peel the stickers off of the felt.

    how to make a diy canvas banner
    Peel the stickers off of the felt
  7. Lay the letters out onto the banner in the order you would like for them to be in. Be careful to leave some buffer space around the side of the dowel. I like to leave enough room to add a trim at the end.

    how to make a diy canvas banner
    Lay out your design
  8. Begin gluing the felt onto the top of the banner first. If you are using HTV or iron-on letters, lay the letters out and use an easy press or heat press to adhere each letter. The main reason to work from the top of your banner down, is so that you can allow the glue to dry without your arm moving any of the letters. Do not adhere the letters to the edges of the banner – leave a little space there and the side of the banner as well!
  9. Once you’ve glued on all of the letters, feel free to decorate using fabric markers, acrylic paint, fabric paint or additional fabric to make a diy canvas banner
  10. If you plan to sew, use embroidery threads.

Ok, so now that you’ve completed your very first banner, try a different style for your next one. Perhaps you’d like a derby style banner? If you love to sew and you prefer to make your own banner; an inexpensive way to make a banner is to use a drop cloth from a home improvement center and a dowel rod. You can still do it this way without sewing and simply hot glue some trim to the sides of the banner so that they do not fray. This can totally still be an iron-on project or not – totally up to you!

Who is this canvas banner project good for?

This might look like a little craft, but its an involved project – typically takes a few hours from start to finish depending on the population. I love a good project for teens and this is an awesome one! I like to make a new one each season and hang it on my front door. Maybe one day I’ll make it to the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. But until then, I will continue to bring you more DIY gift ideas!

Do you love getting crafty? Or are you a school teacher, Sunday school teacher or crafting teacher? As a content creator, I am always trying to find new ideas to bring to you! Please feel free to reach out with anything you’d love for me to make. From mod podge to plaster, I’ve done it all!