rhinestone candy

How to Bling a New Bedazzled Rhinestone Candy Box 

I’ve been making Bedazzled Candy Boxes for a little over two years now and they’ve been a HUGE hit! Use them as party favors, baby shower decor or display them on a candy buffet. Either way, you are sure to wow everyone! If you are planning on making these for either a bridal shower or […]

Bedazzled Crocs

How to Make Custom Bedazzled Bling Crocs – DIY 

My niece turned eight and she asked me to design a custom pair of bedazzled crocs for her to wear all summer long. At first, the task seemed easy enough – add rhinestones with some glue and then she could add croc charms (I bought on Amazon with free shipping). I set out to find […]

diy disco ball cactus jewelry holder

DIY Disco Ball Cactus in a Pot – For Hanging Jewelry

So you’re probably wondering…what’s a disco cactus? Think of it this way…if a cactus plant got married to a disco ball, their baby would be a disco ball cactus! I recently did this disco ball cactus in a pot with my middle grades class and I have to say – it was a huge hit! […]

diy sneaker planter

Sneaker Planter – High Top in Resin, Plaster or Cement

Recently I got this crazy idea. I wanted to make a sneaker planter. That’s right, I wanted to make a replica of a shoe to use as a planter. I thought it would be fun for the kids in my classes to be able to design, customize and paint a shoe. Shoe designing is creative […]


DIY Stuffed Animal Chair – recycle your plush toys!

A plush stuffed animal chair? What?! Yes, you heard that correctly – you can make something way better than a bean bag chair using all of those limited edition plushies you’ve got laying around! And…you can make a smaller one or larger sizes if you’ve got a lot of stuffed animals. My kids are older […]

The Clover Pom Pom maker – How to make a pom-pom

I know, these pom pom makers look super intimidating! Fear not, if my 4th grade class can make beautiful pom poms, you can, too! I am very passionate about the Clover brand pom pom maker (they do not give me any money to say this) mostly because of how easy it is to use. What […]