melted crayon art

How to make melted crayon art on canvas for kids

I’m sure you’ve seen the viral melted crayon art project all over Instagram lately. I’ve done these countless times with my classes and I think I’ve discovered the secret sauce for mastering this technique. First, let’s talk about the crayons. It really doesn’t matter which brand of crayons you use because they truly all look […]

Octopus yarn craft – How to make a DIY doll for kids

Lately I’ve been thinking about how important it is to get kids away from their screens and into something creative. A great way to do this is to have them make handmade toys using pieces of yarn. This octopus craft is a hit every single time — and for good reason…it is easy to make, […]

Colorful Fall Leaf Keychain

LEAF KEYCHAIN Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand by all of the products I use, I can receive a small commission from any products purchased via my links. Who remembers doing Shrinky Dinks? If you’re anything like me, I am sure you loved it. But wait…you don’t have Shrinky Dink paper? No problem! WHAT DO I […]

How to Make a Polymer Clay Covered Pen Using Sculpey 

So you’re getting started with Polymer Clay and you aren’t quite ready to use cane slices or handmade polymer clay canes? Don’t worry, you can make decorative pens using different colors of clay on top of a hard plastic pen tube. Let me show you how! Making polymer clay pens is one of my favorite […]

Crafts To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

Like it or not, it seems inevitable that we will be having a lot of time together in the weeks and months ahead. I’m sure you’ve heard about what to stock up on and what supplies you might need so that you do not need to head out to crowded stores. Although you don’t need […]

Water Balloon Flip Flops – DIY Shoes for a Hot Summer

DIY Balloon Flip Flops for Summer! Summer is almost here and that means it is time for some dollar store crafts! This is a super fun one – but definitely not ideal for younger kids. To make these, you’ll need to be able to make a double knot…over and over and over again! This one […]

Cork Crafts

Cork Crafts

What you’ll Need: Corks Glue Googly eyes Buttons, beads and/or any other odds or ends you can find Sharpie marker or black pen Wool for hair (you can also use cotton balls) Scrap fabric or felt Pipe cleaners Cotton Balls String (if you want to turn it into an ornament) Affiliate disclaimer: Although I stand […]

best acrylic paint for artists

What Is The Best Acrylic Paint for Artists (2023)

Lately when I head to the art supply store, I am overwhelmed by all of the choices. There are literally thousands of different paints and they all have different descriptions. I figured if I am overwhelmed, you must be, too. So…I decided to do a deep dive and figure out all the ins and outs […]

Paintbrush Care and How to Choose Paintbrushes

Paint and paintbrushes go together like peanut butter and jelly. While brushes are not necessarily a prerequisite when it comes to painting, they are an ever-present tool in every art studio. It’s unsurprising that there are loads of choices when it comes to choosing your preferred paintbrush. Brushes are available in different sizes and, more […]