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41 Best Camp Crafts For Kids To Do This Summer

41 Best Camp Crafts For Kids To Do This Summer

Camp Crafts For Kids

Looking for fun and engaging camp crafts for kids to make this summer? Whether you’re planning a summer camp activity or just want to bring the spirit of the great outdoors home, we’ve got 41 fantastic summer camp crafts that are perfect for little campers and kids of all ages. From friendship bracelets that foster bonds between new camp friends to nature crafts that incorporate elements like pine cones and natural materials, these projects are a great way to keep little hands busy.

Each activity is designed to be a fun way to develop fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and make summer memorable. So grab your craft supplies, and let’s dive into these fun camping crafts that promise a whole lot of fun and learning!

What makes a good camp crafts for kids?

A good camp craft for kids is all about combining fun and creativity, especially when it’s tailored for little kids and young kids embarking on their summer camp adventures. The best camping crafts use simple supplies, like paper plates, toilet paper tubes, and pine cones, making them not only a fun project but also a great way to teach kids about recycling and using natural elements.

Whether it’s making adorable little pinecone owls during a nature walk, creating dream catchers in a campfire craft session, or constructing a wind chime from scavenged materials, each craft should be an easy craft that offers countless creative applications. Ideal camp crafts provide a perfect activity for kids of all skill levels and ages, from younger children engaged in pretend play to older kids looking for a more challenging project.

These activities are a perfect way to spend time, offering great ideas for both structured and spontaneous craft times during family camping trips or a five-day camp for kids during the summer. Not only do these crafts keep the entire family engaged, but they also make the camping experience more memorable and enjoyable.

What you’ll need for these fun summer camp craft projects

The best thing about camp crafts is that they can usually be made with recycled or simple materials. There’s a variety of craft materials you’ll want to keep on hand to make these great summer crafts. Including but not limited to: 

  • Construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Googly Eyes
  • Colorful Paper
  • Air-dry clay
  • Everyday objects
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Water pistols (squirt guns)
  • Hot glue gun

41 Best Camp Crafts for Kids to Do This Summer

These fun ideas are a great opportunity to get kids exploring the great outdoors and expressing their creativity. Whether you’re looking for a summer camp craft for a group of young students or want to keep the kids entertained on your next camping trip, you’re sure to find more than one fun activity on this list. Click on the name of each activity to see the full tutorial and have fun spending time crafting together this summer.

  1. Tie Dye from Art Beat Box
    ​If you’re packing for an upcoming camping trip, why not make some matching tie dye clothes? Tie dying is such a fun craft to do outside during the summer, and you’ll have a great time wearing matching shirts!
  2. Painted Rocks from Art Beat Box
    Kids can go on a scavenger hunt for the perfect rocks to paint. You can make these into DIY board games like tic-tac-toe, kind messages, or silly rocks. This DIY idea is always a hit during the summer.
  3. Shrinky Dink Keychains from Art Beat Box
    ​Shrinky dinks require an oven to shrink in size, so this is a better craft for those hosting camp at home or school. Kids can make a keychain for their backpack next school year!
  4. Bandana Pillow from Art Beat Box
    ​This is the perfect craft for summer camp or going camping because it can be used either way! 

5. Hand Stamped Pillowcase from Art Beat Box
​Going to sleep under the stars? Why not make a hand-stamped pillowcase as one of your camping activities!

6. Tie Dye Clipboard from Art Beat Box
​What better way to kick off summer camp than with your own tie dye clipboard?

7. Sharpie Tie Dye from Art Beat Box
​This is one of those easy camping crafts because you only need sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

8. DIY Tote Bag from Art Beat Box
​Kids will need a tote bag for all their activity sheets, water bottles, and other camp materials. They can make their own with this fun tutorial!

9. Sequin Pin Art from Art Beat Box
​Sequin pin art is a great way for kids to relax during a dedicated break time from having fun in the sun.

10. Toilet Paper Roll Instruments from Art Beat Box
Camp grafts are all about using recycled materials. These toilet paper roll instruments are a fun recycled craft that’s great for younger children. Personalize them with different colors of tape or even paper mache!

11. Yarn Octopus from Art Beat Box
This yarn octopus is always a hit with the kids in my art class. We have so much fun making this cute craft!

12. Hydro-dipped shoes from Art Beat Box
​Making hydro-dipped shoes is a fun activity for older kids to make and wear during the entire week of camp.

13. Water Balloon Flip Flops from Art Beat Box
​Water balloon flip flops are a huge hit during the summer, and they’re perfect to wear to the pool or lake during the summertime!

14. Cork People from Art Beat Box
DIY cork people are one of those craft ideas that always turn out better than expected. Kids can really let their creativity shine with this fun craft!

15. Rolled Magazine Leaves from Art Beat Box
Making rolled magazine leaves is a fun way to do a nature-inspired project with recycled materials. This activity also requires lots of focus, so it can be relaxing for the kids.

16. Shaving Cream Marbling from Art Beat Box
​Kids of all ages love shaving cream marbling! This one gets messy, so make sure to wear gloves.

17. DIY Leaf Relief from Art Beat Box
​DIY leaf relief is one of those perfect summer camp crafts for nature lovers. Kids can go on a scavenger hunt to find different shaped leaves and make a piece of art with them.

18. CD Wind Spinners from Happy Hooligans
​Don’t throw those old CDs away! Use them to make these pretty wind spinners instead.

19. Bubble Print Butterflies from Red Ted Art
​Have you ever tried bubble printing? It’s one of those fun camping crafts that all kids love! You’ll make bubble printed butterflies in this tutorial, but you can adapt it to different summer-themed projects.

20. Nature Impression Craft from Paging Fun Mums
​Make impressions of leaves, sticks, and anything else you can find. It’s the perfect craft for little campers!

21. Squirt Gun Tie Dye from Fireflies & Mudpies
​This is such a fun project that kids are sure to love. Try out different sized squirt guns and see the difference!

22. Recycled T-Shirt Friendship Bracelets from Crafts by Amanda
Kids can make lasting friendships at summer camp. Help older kids remember their camp friends with recycled t-shirt friendship bracelets!

23. Birdseed Ornaments from Crafts by Amanda
​Bring some birdseed ornaments on your next camping trip and hang them up around your campsite.

24. Sand Molds from Kids Activities Blog
​These sand molds are so cool and a perfect activity for little campers!

25. Nature Suncatcher from Messy Little Monster
​Invite your little ones to go on a scavenger hunt and make a nature suncatcher using contact paper.

26. Water Pistol Painting from Messy Little Monster
​Similar to squirt gun tie dye, water pistol painting is a fun way to make a painted masterpiece!

27. DIY Bubble Wands from Messy Little Monster
Did you know you can make a bubble wand using pipe cleaners. Kids can have endless fun seeing who can blow the biggest bubble!

28. Clay Leaf Bowl from Messy Little Monster
​All you need is some air dry clay and a few pieces of nature to make this beautiful clay leaf bowl. This is a fun craft for older kids.

29. DIY Skipping Rope from And Next Comes L
This DIY jump rope can be used as a fun outdoor toy and is also great for practicing fine motor skills for little kids.

30. Camping Lantern Craft from The Crazy Outdoor Mama
​Looking for a fun campfire craft for your upcoming camping trip? Look no further than this easy lantern craft!

31. Plastic Bag Kite from Gluesticks and Gumdrops
​Another fun way to us recycled materials is with this plastic bag kite.

32. Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder from There’s Just One Mommy
​This duct tape water bottle holder is the perfect craft to help keep all those water bottles in their place!

33. Painted Sticks from Crafts by Courtney
​Painted sticks are one of the best camping crafts because they’re so simple.

34. Yarn Sticks from Babble Dabble Do
​If you don’t want to mess with paint, try out making yarn sticks instead!

35. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder from Made with Happy
​This popsicle stick bird feeder will give a pop of color to your campsite.

36. Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary
Take these DIY binoculars on a nature walk and see what you can find!

37. Rainbow Windchimes from Happy Hooligans
​Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of windchimes in a summer breeze? Try these DIY painted stick windchimes!

38. Bottlecap Windchimes from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Here’s another fun way to make some DIY windchimes.

39. Pine Cone Bird Feeder from One Little Project
​If you’re looking for a super easy camp craft that takes less than ten minutes, this is it!

40. Leaf Bowl from Made with Happy
​This leaf bowl is the perfect way to save all those leaves from a nature walk.

41. Origami Leaf from Made with Happy
​Turn a piece of paper into a beautiful leaf with some simple origami.

I hope you find more than one fun craft to try with this list of 41 fun camp crafts for kids to do this summer. Happy crafting!

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