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Winter break is right around the corner and that means cozy winter days and hot cocoa. But it also means lots of time home with the kids out of school. And if you’re anything like me you probably don’t want your kids sitting around on their devices 24/7. So…I present you with one of my all time favorite projects. I love this one so much because it works at any age and it doesn’t cost much! I am laying out all of the step by step instructions below…

DIY no sew sock snowmen winter craft

Materials Needed:

  • White Socks: (The cheap ones from the dollar store are great and I also love these because you can get 6 pairs at this price and make 12 snowmen!
  • Sewing Pins: these little guys make great eyes and mouth. Just make sure that you do not put your snowmen in the microwave if you use these because they’re metal. If you decide to make your snowmen into a heating pad or hand warmer then you might want to draw on your face. I love these ball pins because they are sorted by color which is much easier than digging through a container of sharp pins! You can get them here.
  • Kid Fuzzy Socks: I got mine at the dollar tree but they also have great ones on amazon. OR…just go through your kids drawers. I am sure you will find some mismatched socks. Who doesn’t have a ton of those lonely little guys hanging around? These also do not need to be fuzzy socks but the fuzzy ones looks so cute!
  • Rice: This is what you will use to fill the snowman. You can get the rice at the dollar tree, too, but if you plan on making several, you might want to buy it in bulk.
  • A Glass or Cup: This will make it less messy to get the rice into the sock. You can also use a funnel.
  • Rubberbands: The rubberbands keep the rice inside so you’ll have no messy spills.
  • Scissors: These are pretty self explanatory 🙂
  • Craft Glue: I love Aleene’s but any craft glue or hot glue will work.

Step by Step Instructions

Fill the sock with rice. I find it is easiest to fill a drinking cup with rice and put the sock around the rim of the cup. Fill the sock with rice until it reaches the ankle area.

Tie the sock tightly

Trim off the excess sock.The knot will be the snowman’s head (the knot will be hidden under the hat)

Take a rubber band and make a waist.

Now it is time to make buttons and face (not pictured). Place ball pins all the way into the sock.

Take a colorful sock and cut off the toe. This will be the snowman’s hat.

Use some craft glue and glue into place

Using the rest of the colorful sock, cut a strip and make a scarf. Tie it on!

How cute?

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