This Mother’s Day shows mom how special she is by encouraging your kids to put in some extra effort and make something mom can cherish forever. While the usual gifts are always appreciated, a homemade gift goes the extra mile and will have mom beaming from ear to ear.

Mom will be extra spoiled all day, starting with breakfast in bed and not lifting a finger around the house all day, but with a DIY homemade gift, you know it will be the highlight of her day!

It’s time to get the art supplies and the paints out to make something extra special for mom that she can keep for years to come.

Check out our list of top DIY gifts to make for Mother’s Day, from handmade cards to long-lasting pretend flowers to display in mom’s favorite vase.

Cute paper flowers

mothers day craft paper flowers

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Buy some cute pastel-colored cupcake liners and turn them into a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers perfect for bringing some color to a lonely windowsill. To make these decorative flowers fold them in half and cut small triangles or petal-like shapes out of the curved edge. Buy some fake flower stems to finish off the look. Layer 3-4 cupcake liners to create depth to your flowers, secure everything with floral wire, and wrap the ‘stem’ in tape.

Egg carton flower bouquet

mothers day craft idea of egg carton flowers

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Get creative with the little ones and recycle your old egg boxes into a lovely bunch of flowers for mom to proudly display during Mother’s Day lunch.

We think an adult should cut up the egg boxes before letting the kids loose with the paint. Instead, cut off all the flaps and edges of the egg holders to create lovely curved and open flowers or cut down the four corners to make precious giant petals.

Use watered-down paint to create more realistic flower colors. Remember to paint both sides. Use floral wire to make your flower stand tall and proud.

Framed flowers

DIY mothers day gift pressed flowers

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This unique gift will be a hit on Mother’s Day; add flowers picked from a weekend walk or a range of mom’s favorite flowers for a sentimental gift.

Creating this gift may need some adult help to press and dry the flowers.

To dry and press flowers quickly, you will need two fire bricks, cotton fabric, and a microwave.

To dry your flowers, lay the fabric on one fire brick, then lay your flowers on your fabric—next, place more fabric on top of the flowers and then on the other fire brick. Don’t press your bricks together as you will ruin your flowers.

The final step is to place the whole thing in the microwave for between 1-and 3 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of your flowers. All of your flowers need to be re-inserted into the microwave after this without the top firebrick to complete the drying process. Check your flowers every 10 seconds to make sure they don’t burn.

Put your flower frames together, place them carefully in your frame and use a hot glue gun to secure everything.

Holding heart cards

handmade mothers day card

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We love these colorful, cute cards with a sentimental message to pull at mom’s heartstrings on Mother’s Day. These cards might be simple to make, but their impact is significant. Mom will have never seen such an exciting card and will love to remember it over the years.

To make these cards, you will need various colored cards. Draw around your hands to create the hand shapes, another aspect that mom will love, especially if some of the hands creating this craft are small and still growing.

Glue your paper hands together down the edge by your little finger. Cut out a heart shape big enough to fit in the palm of your hands.

Fold the heart in half and then glue the bottom of the heart to the inside of the hands.

Fresh flower animal art

handmade mothers day gift fresh flower animal art

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Create mom a sweet floral woodland animal to celebrate Mother’s Day and show her how much you love her. You’ve not just given her a generic bunch of flowers, but you have taken the time to look for some pretty flowers, maybe on your last walk together and then displayed them distinctly and interestingly.

To make these adorable woodland creatures, you will need strong cardboard, glue, scissors, flowers, leaves, and herbs. Herbs are a great way to make your gift smell amazing.

To make your lovely creatures, draw out your design using a marker and arrange your flowers to decorate.

Remember that this craft won’t last long as the flowers can be watered, so remember to take photos and maybe get them printed as a lasting memory of such a thoughtful gift.

DIY tea towels

diy tea towel gift for mothers day

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We have never seen this idea before, and I have to say it is one of my favorite DIY projects for creating a Mother’s Day gift. Children have a great imagination, and this lasting gift is so much better than a handmade card; Mom will remember her special day every time she uses the tea towel.

You will need some plain white tea towels and fabric markers to create this special gift. Remember to remind your little ones to take extra care in their designs as they won’t be able to rub out any mistakes.

Check the instructions on the fabric markers as some brands need ironing to fix the design in place before use, but other than that, let the kids loose with their creations and get drawing.

Fingerprint Mother’s Day card

handmade fingerprint card for mothers day gift

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If you need something quick and easy to make for toddlers, this gorgeous fingerprint card is a perfect handmade card. Toddlers love to get messy and are always so proud of your artistic achievements they will love giving this card to mom.

You can either cut out the heart template before getting messy or cut out the heart shape after painting. I prefer the latter option as this will mean all the edges of the heart will be covered in paint and the middle.

Add a picture of your little one in the middle and a sweet message for mom on the back to finish off your DIY card.

Handprint Butterfly Mother’s Day Craft

mothers day craft diy butterfly

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There is nothing more adorable than art created by your toddler. With help from an adult, your toddler can turn themselves into this beautiful butterfly for mom to remember forever.

What a great project to repeat year after year to see how your little one’s hands grow and change.

You will need to get messy and get your little one’s handprints to make the butterfly wings to make this handmade card. Cut out the best handprints from the stack you will most definitely now have and create your butterfly shape. Then, glue the hands down at the palms to give the wings some depth and movement.

Add a body and a cute picture of your child for a head.

Tissue paper flower pot

tissue paper flower pot DIY mothers day craft

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If mom loves the outdoors and gardening, creating a DIY flower pot might be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. This project is ideal for children of all ages as you can be completely random with your design, and your finished flower pot will still love unique.

You will need a ceramic flower pot, tissue paper, and white school glue to make your flower pot.

Get lots of colored tissue paper to make your finished flower pot bright and vibrant. Rip up your tissue paper; it doesn’t need to be neat.

Start gluing the tissue paper to your flower pot, add glue straight onto the flower pot and also make sure you glue over the top of the tissue paper to make sure it is securely in place.

Once you have finished adding all your tissue paper, add an extra layer of glue to ensure your whole design stays in place.

Why not add your mom’s favorite plant or flowers into the pot to complete your gift once it has thoroughly dried.

Whichever project you decide to create this year, we know you’ll have lots of fun creating a special gift for mom and maybe learning some new skills.

Some of these projects could also be done on Mother’s Day as a great way to spend some family time with mom. This would be especially great to create the pressed flower frame and remember that special Mother’s Day walk after lunch.

All that’s left for us to say is to make sure you make mom feel as unique as she is, and we hope you have a great Mother’s day.