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How to Make an Acrylic Keychain Using the Glowforge

How to Make an Acrylic Keychain Using the Glowforge

How to Make an Acrylic Keychain Using the Glowforge

Now that both of my kids are driving, we are always losing keys. I decided to use my brand new Glowforge to create an acrylic keychain. I have seen acrylic keychains at holiday markets for years and I have always wanted one, so when I got a brand new Glowforge, this was the very first project I decided to make. Since I’m not a Glowforge expert yet, I decided to make life easy and use one of the digital files available on the Glowforge App.

My first Glowforge project was a huge success and if you’d like to see how I set-up and made my first cut, check out this blog post. In the Glowforge App, there are thousands of designs to choose from and I decided to only use Proofgrade materials for this project. Because of the ease of the Glowforge App, I knew I would get fast answers on how to successfully make a cut.

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What You’ll Need to Make Your First Glowforge Keychain

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Proofgrade materials (I used acrylic)

Glowforge Aura machine

Digital item available on the Glowforge App


Here’s how to make an acrylic keychain using a Glowforge

1. Before beginning a new project, get your Proofgrade material orders in on the Glowforge website.

2. Head to the Glowforge App and click “search designs” to see the selection results for keychains or simply type in “bubble letter name keychain.” If you do not see a design you’d like to make, you can also purchase designs and SVG’s on the Glowforge shop. I have a Glowforge Premium membership, so I receive unlimited prints and because of this, I did not need to make a purchase of this file. Since we are using a Glowforge file, the product information will be scanned by the QR code on the Proofgrade materials.

Glowforge Aura Make Your First Laser Cut Project (10)
Search for your design and select the one you like best

3.  Select the design you want to use and click “Open my Design”. Once you press enter, the alphabet keychains will be displayed on your screen. Delete any of the letters you do not wish to cut.

Glowforge Aura Make Your First Laser Cut Project (12)
Customize your design by clicking or dragging

4.  Open the lid of your Glowforge Aura and place a piece of Glowforge Proofgrade acrylic onto the tray. Within a few seconds, the machine will show the open media files on the screen using the Aura View. Move the keychain around so that it doesn’t waste too much acrylic material.

Glowforge Aura Make Your First Laser Cut Project
Use the Aura Vision to preview your design before you cut

5. Once you are happy with the placement, double check the material settings and be sure that the acrylic shows up on the app. When you are confident that the material is set, click print. The machine will calibrate and scan to prepare for the print. Once the Glowforge Aura is ready, go ahead and press the white button on the machine. While the machine cuts, it will tell you how long the print will take.

Glowforge Aura Make Your First Laser Cut Project
Click “Print” to see how long your cut will take

6. After the cut, wait until the machine says it’s time to take the design out. (You don’t want any burns) Remove the design and peel off the protective backing that comes with the material.

Glowforge Aura Make Your First Laser Cut Project
Remove the built-in masking from the final project

7. Add the keyring to your design and you’ve made a brand new keychain using the Glowforge! I made this K for myself and added a rhinestone heart, because why not?! If you want to see how I made and bedazzled the heart using the Glowforge too, check out this post. 

A few tips and tricks about the Glowforge Aura

  • Don’t leave the machine unattended. Don’t worry, watching live prints is really fun!
  • There are so many things to make with the Glowforge Aura, you’re sure to come up with your next big idea. So many small business owners have launched careers and shops using this machine. Don’t forget to pay it forward by making a Pinterest share or Facebook share about your experience.
  • The Proofgrade materials make life SO much easier. The QR code works like magic.
  • The Glowforge Aura cannot cut every material. Check the material settings and the information about the laser before starting.

Have fun and happy crafting!